April 23, 2024

Netflix users are urging people to watch new cryptocurrency documentary that’s making their ‘blood boil’

People are flooding to social media ‘speechless’ over a new Netflix documentary about cryptocurrency.

Some people are skilled when it comes to investing and dealing in cryptocurrency and others? Well, others just hack the system.

A new Netflix documentary has revealed how three men did just that and it’s leaving viewers pretty enraged.

The documentary focuses on one of the founders of Centra Tech, Ray Trapani. Credit: Netflix
The documentary focuses on one of the founders of Centra Tech, Ray Trapani. Credit: Netflix

The documentary focuses on Ray Trapani – who co-founded cryptocurrency firm Centra Tech alongside Sohrab Sharma and Robert Farkas.

Netflix’s synopsis notes Trapani ‘had always wanted to be a criminal, even as a young boy’.

Trapani and Sharma started Centra Tech in 2017, the company claiming to have developed a type of cryptocurrency wallet and card which allowed it to be converted into normal money instantly – long story short, they hadn’t.

With the help of a fake website, fake profiles, a fake CEO, paid celebrity endorsements, a whole lot of Photoshop and ‘the online community’s insatiable desire to ‘get rich quick’,’ the company raised ‘millions of unregulated fundraising dollars’ every day.

“In this fast-paced, debaucherous documentary from director Bryan Storkel (Producer of The Legend of Cocaine Island + Director of The Pez Outlaw), Ray himself guides viewers through the ups and downs of his dramatic journey, alongside his family, former friends, and the journalist who exposed Centra Tech as the first high-profile fraud case of the crypto era,” Netflix adds.

In the documentary, Trapani reflects: “Crypto [was] just this new unfound territory, completely unregulated by the SEC.

“Anytime you find a market like that, you just have to figure out how to exploit [it].”

The company eventually got investigated, the scam exposed and well, you’ll just have to watch the documentary to find out what ended up happening next.

And perhaps then you’ll be as enraged as many viewers have been left feeling, many flooding to X – formerly known as Twitter – to weigh in on the documentary – titled Bitconned.

Trapani and Centra Tech scammed millions. Credit: Netflix
Trapani and Centra Tech scammed millions. Credit: Netflix

One user wrote: “I’m watching Bitconned on Netflix and I’m speechless.”

“Just watched Bitconned on Netflix, the case about Centra Tech. Yet another story of fiat scammers trying to get rich by inventing ‘the next Bitcoin,’ thousands getting rekt, and the media conflating #Bitcoin with s**tcoins. Won’t spoil it but the ending made my blood boil,” another added.

A third commented: “This #BitConned s**t got me TIGHT . The nerve of them… To create this Company, scam the market, and get f**kin rich?!?”

And a fourth resolved: “Watching Bitconned and oh god, this documentary pulled off the best twist reveal I’ve seen a documentary do in a while. I’m not spoiling it, but it’s f**king perfect.”

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