April 13, 2024

Monex acquires 3iQ majority for crypto-asset integration

Japanese financial group Monex is set to acquire a majority stake in Canadian digital asset manager 3iQ.

The acquisition continues a trend of major crypto exchanges venturing into asset management. Monex, which owns TradeStation in the U.S. and acquired Coincheck in 2018, has not disclosed the deal’s financial details.

3iQ gained prominence for its Bitcoin ETF listed in Canada, being among the first to introduce such a fund in 2020. Despite reaching $755 million in assets shortly after launch, it has since settled at around $100 million. 3iQ broke new ground by integrating staking capabilities within an Ethereum ETF, showcasing innovation in digital asset management.

In 2022, 3iQ demonstrated its forward-thinking approach by considering assistance to U.S. spot Bitcoin ETF hopefuls, aligning with the dynamic market trend. The Ontario Securities Commission’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs, contingent on daily liquidity workflow and robust custody services, further solidified the company’s standing.

3iQ CEO Frederick Pye expressed confidence in bolstering Coincheck’s offerings, particularly for institutional investors, leveraging 3iQ’s expertise in crafting exceptional crypto asset products.

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