February 23, 2024

Mark Yusko Predicts Bitcoin Rally to $100K by 2024’s End; Chainlink Competitor Strengthens Position in AI Cryptocurrency Market

Mark Yusko has had his say on Bitcoin’s trajectory following conflicted Investor Sentiment Post BTC ETF and anticipates that it may see new all-time highs by Q4 2024. We also have some exciting news from a new project called InQubeta, which is quickly becoming a pioneer in the AI space and competing with the likes of crypto giant Chainlink. 

Mark Yusko Speaks His Mind

The founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital, Mark Yusko, believes that Bitcoin (BTC) will have an explosive rally this year and establish itself as the best cryptocurrency out there.

“I think we hit six figures. I do these 10 surprises every year and one of mine was that we hit six figures. We definitely take out the all-time high. That could happen in days.”

On what will drive the price of Bitcoin higher, the hedge fund veteran said,

“Once people realize that these exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are taking out more Bitcoin out of the market than is mined every day… and after the halving, it’s going to be two or three times that. So it’s just a supply-demand problem. So we have the demand shock and, you know, basic supply and demand, right?

So we’re having a demand shock right now. And we’re going to have a supply shock in April where we go from 900 Bitcoin [mined] a day to 450. You put those two things together, numbers go up.”

He definitely has an interesting take on the market, and many seem to agree that his hypothesis will play out. However, only time will tell.

InQubeta Storms The Market

At its core, InQubeta’s platform introduces a brand new aspect to the crypto world suitable for beginner cryptocurrency enthusiasts and experts alike – and that’s the concept of fractional investment. This is made possible through the QUBE token, an ERC20 that is deflationary by nature, beautifully blending blockchain and AI.

Through the democratisation of investment via fractionalized NFTs, InQubeta effectively bridges the divide between traditional venture capital and an expansive community of AI enthusiasts. This synergy contributes to the acceleration of AI startup growth.

The linchpin of this transformative ecosystem is the QUBE token. Beyond its role as a medium of exchange, QUBE embodies a deflationary structure that encourages value appreciation and community involvement. An imposed 2% tax on both purchase and sale transactions contributes to a “burn wallet,” which gradually reduces the circulating supply, potentially enhancing the token’s value.

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Mark Yusko, among many other experts, believes we won’t see new all-time highs for Bitcoin until the end of the year, which definitely makes sense, considering the halving tends to pump the price of BTC. Speaking of price pumps, InQubeta has been experiencing tons of capital inflows as it continues to impress investors with its unique value proposition.

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