April 23, 2024

Looking Beyond Bitcoin and Dogecoin: Top Cryptocurrency Picks for 2023

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  • The clock ticks for a much-awaited Bitcoin ETF decision, which should be known by early January 2024
  • Dogecoin experiences a boost in on-chain metrics in preparation for the Doge-1 moon mission.
  • Rebel Satoshi honors and rallies Satoshi Nakamoto’s dream of decentralized finance

While top altcoins like Dogecoin (DOGE) experience double-digit drops, Bitcoin (BTC) is near its yearly high. This may happen in early January 2024 as investors await the SEC’s (Securities and Exchange Commission) approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Dogecoin will also be the center of attention soon with two moon-based missions

Yet, as 2023 is almost over, other investors have eyed a new soon-to-be viral meme coin. Stay tuned to learn more while we observe the latest developments for Bitcoin and Dogecoin. 

Countdown for A Bitcoin ETF Decision Approaches Critical Deadline

Bitcoin investors have surely marked January 10, 2024, on their calendars. The stern US regulator, SEC, has to accept or deny applications from financial institutions like ARK Investment, 21Shares, BlackRock, and others by this date. More than ten companies, the most recent being Tidal Investments, have applied for these ETFs in 2024.

The decisive January date has been at the forefront of Bitcoin enthusiasts since the end of September 2023. Fortunately, the consensus remains that Bitcoin should get this much-needed regulatory blessing.

The ETF buzz has contributed significantly to the rise in BTC since mid-October 2023, increasing 61% from $26,540 to $42,780. Forecasts expect the value to surpass the yearly high of $44,747 by the end of 2023. Furthermore, BTC may trade in the minimum range of $45,000-50,000 in 2024.

Dogecoin On-Chain Metrics Show Improvement Before Doge-1 Mission

While DOGE is down 17% from $0.10 to $0.09, the meme coin’s network metrics suggest a potential recovery.

The latest data from blockchain analytics provider Santiment shows a bullish divergence between Dogecoin’s active addresses and transaction volume. Santiment also notes an uptrend in retail addresses scooping up DOGE from December 1-18, 2023. 

The renewed interest is likely because of the pending Doge-1 mission set to take place on December 23, 2023. American space robotics robotics company Astrobitc is scheduled to send a physical DOGE token to the moon. Interestingly, this is one of two space-related missions which should be positive price catalysts. Estimates indicate a minimum trading range for DOGE of $0.10-0.30 for 2024.

Finally, let’s look at the project briefly referenced earlier, Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ), and why it’s a top cryptocurrency to buy.

Rebel Satoshi Honors Satoshi Nakamoto

Dogecoin got inspiration from top crypto coins like Bitcoin, which in turn was kickstarted by Satoshi Nakamoto. The latter is the namesake for Rebel Satoshi, a meme token representing the developer’s desire for decentralized finance.

Rebel Satoshi is building a ‘rebel army’ to challenge the financial status quo in honor of Nakamoto. Guy Fawkes is another motivation, representing social justice by transferring wealth from oppressive elites to the ordinary citizen.

Rebel Satoshi also celebrates rebel meme culture with additions like the Rebel Meme Hall of Fame. Users can have their rebel-themed memes recognized in a community gallery, garnering popularity and laughter from fellow rebels. Interactive quests and virtual gatherings will also uphold the fun while galvanizing Rebel Satoshi‘s community.

Owning the $RBLZ token is how you become a participant. Impressive returns await holders who can stake this coin. They can also venture into the vibrant Rebel Artefacts Vault, an NFT marketplace for trading 9,999 symbolic collectibles and digital art characters.

The $RBLZ presale is about six weeks old, selling over 67 million tokens. You can own $RBLZ for $0.018, which will have surged 38% afterward with a new price of $0.025.

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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