April 13, 2024

Hong Kong Crypto Index: Solana and Avalanche Ascend, XRP Exits

The Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium (HKVAC) has recently made significant changes to its cryptocurrency indices. In a notable shift, Solana (SOL) has replaced Ripple’s XRP in the HKVAC’s top 5 global cryptocurrency index. This change reflects Solana’s recent rise in market capitalization, surpassing XRP to become the fourth-largest cryptocurrency.

Hong Kong Crypto Index

Solana’s Rise in Hong Kong’s Crypto Index

Solana’s inclusion in the top 5 global crypto index by HKVAC marks a significant milestone, highlighting its growing influence and acceptance in the crypto market. This elevation is a testament to Solana’s robust performance and increasing market capitalization, which has seen it overtake long-standing favorites like XRP.

Additionally, Avalanche (AVAX) has been included in the top 10 crypto index, taking the place of TRON (TRX). This inclusion comes after AVAX experienced a notable surge in value, particularly in December 2023, while other cryptocurrencies faced declines. The rise in AVAX’s popularity is partly attributed to its partnerships with major banks like JPMorgan and Citi for asset tokenization projects.

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Avalanche’s Entry and XRP’s Departure in Hong Kong’s Crypto Index

The introduction of Avalanche into the HKVAC’s top 10 index signifies the changing landscape of the crypto market. AVAX’s surge in value and its innovative partnerships have positioned it as a key player in the industry. Conversely, the removal of XRP from the top 5 index reflects the dynamic and competitive nature of the cryptocurrency market, where rankings can shift rapidly due to market trends and technological advancements.

Despite these changes, TRON has shown a remarkable recovery since its significant drop during the 2018-2020 bear market, achieving a 100% rally in 2023. Other cryptocurrencies such as Internet Computer, Near Protocol (NEAR), Optimism (OP), Injective (INJ), and Immutable (IMX) have also been added to the global large crypto index.

These updates come as Hong Kong continues to strengthen its position in the cryptocurrency industry. The region’s financial regulator is preparing to welcome spot crypto ETFs, a move that follows the United States Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) review of 11 spot Bitcoin ETF applications, which were approved on January 10. However, the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission has emphasized that crypto transactions by these ETFs must be conducted through licensed crypto platforms or authorized financial institutions.


In conclusion, the recent revisions in the Hong Kong Virtual Asset Consortium’s cryptocurrency indices signify a pivotal moment in the evolving crypto landscape of Hong Kong. The ascent of Solana and Avalanche in the rankings, coupled with the departure of established players like XRP, underscores the dynamic and ever-changing nature of the cryptocurrency market. These changes not only reflect the shifting preferences and trends within the crypto community but also highlight Hong Kong’s ongoing commitment to embracing and regulating digital assets. As the city continues to position itself as a hub for cryptocurrency innovation and investment, these developments in the HKVAC indices are a clear indicator of the growing maturity and diversity of the crypto market in the region.

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