April 25, 2024

Elon Musk’s AI and Meme Tweet Explodes Crypto Community

Elon Musk’s recent tweet about AI memes sets crypto community abuzz, Dogecoin army in particular

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Tech billionaire and innovator and owner of the X social media platform Elon Musk has addressed his 167.4 million followers with a tweet dedicated to memes.

Musk often posts memes on his X page and is a great fan of them. Now, his post seems to have an underlying message, since it is about AI and expresses concerns about whether it can have a negative impact on the future of humanity.

The crypto community got engaged in a wave of enthusiastic responses to Musk, though, seeing nothing but his reference to memes in this post. A cofounder of the original meme cryptocurrency, Dogecoin, also reacted to that post.

Elon Musk triggers crypto community’s meme-related enthusiasm

Elon Musk’s tweet is made up to two pictures in which a man first smiles when he sees “human making memes about AI” but then looks concerned as he sees “AI making memes about humans.”

The crypto community, including Billy Markus (a Dogecoin cocreator, known as “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” on X) and several other DOGE-themed accounts in response, making jokes about AI potentially being able to come up with memes about humans.

In another tweet published earlier this week, Musk poked fun at cryptocurrency traders, and especially those who are into non-fungible tokens. He posted a gif featuring a golden rolling monument rotating with various captions on it, including “NFT,” “HODL” and “Vanity Trophy.”

Overall, tweets published by Musk often catch the attention of the crypto community and the community of meme lovers. Often, he attracts them with cryptic tweets, which can be interpreted in various ways, and every commentator chooses their own.

Tesla robot attacks factory engineer

In the meantime, real concerns about robots (which can potentially be powered by AI in the future) harming people are already rising, thanks to Elon Musk. As reported on Wednesday, a robot actually attacked and injured an engineer at the Tesla Giga factory in Texas, near Austin.

The engineer was hurt and bleeding after a malfunctioning robot attacked him. Initially, these robots were designed for moving freshly built aluminium car parts. The engineer had switched off two other robots nearby, and the third one attacked him sticking its metal claws into the victim’s back and left arm, making them bleed.

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