May 30, 2024

Crypto Makes You a Millionaire. Hey guys, welcome back. So it’s… | by Costa Martinez | Jan, 2024

Hey guys, welcome back. So it’s official 2023 is now a thing of the past. So, Happy New Year. And welcome to 2024.

As we all now set our goals and resolutions for the new year. I’m sure increasing our wealth remains a top priority for many now I think last year caught many people by surprise, as the Fed was raising interest rates at the fastest pace in history. And so many thought this was going to cause a big crash, which actually never happened. And as you’ll soon see, many of the financial assets had an amazing year.

In this article, we have some very important topics to cover, including first-up asset class performance, how everything performed last year, and the winners and the losers. And what were the best places to invest? Then, we’ll cover the most important decision all investors have to make for this coming year. And then, finally, we’ll finish up with my own personal plan on how I plan to maximize returns while minimizing the downside in 2024.

Okay, so first up, now that the year has finally wrapped up, we get to see how everything has performed. So how did everything go, and what were the best places to invest last year?


And so here it is, the asset class performance of 2023. And we’re going to be taking a look at the commodities index; this is the Goldman Sachs commodities index, a basket of commodities; we’ve got bonds B and D, which is a total bond market index.

We’ve got cash, we’ve got property gold stocks being the S&P 500. tech stocks being the NASDAQ, the crypto market, and then Bitcoin. So starting with commodities, and commodities actually had a very bad year falling a negative, almost 10%. Not a good place to be.

Bonds had a terrible year where a certain point they were down and had one of the worst performances in hundreds of years before coming back. And this index finished…

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