June 19, 2024

Crypto Educator Says XRP Hitting $50 is not a Fantasy, “But a Fact”

Crypto educator Jason, renowned for his insightful market analyses, has boldly asserted that XRP trading at a $50 value is inevitable. 

“XRP hitting $50 is not a fantasy, but a fact,” he proclaimed. Jason went on to elucidate why he believes XRP is currently undervalued and poised for a significant upswing soon.

Use Case and Demand

Jason’s first argument was that XRP transcends being merely a cryptocurrency. He argued it operates as a global network facilitating the Internet of Value.

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Furthermore, the educator highlighted that XRP is at the forefront of global transactions, with a client base of prominent banks, payment providers, and major corporations.

Moreover, he stated that XRP’s compliance with regulatory frameworks in key jurisdictions, including Japan and Singapore, positions it as a trusted player. Additionally, he cited data arguing XRP’s projected market size of $27 trillion, potentially surpassing the valuation of Ethereum, estimated at $12 trillion.

Superior Speed and Cost

Furthermore, Jason highlighted that XRP stands out with its ability to process up to thousands of transactions per second (TPS), dwarfing Ethereum’s capability.

It is worth noting that the widely touted XRP 3,400 TPS is a theoretical benchmark achievable only in a controlled laboratory setting with ideal conditions. 

In particular, experts have argued that XRP falls short of reaching the 3,400 TPS milestone in unpredictable real-world scenarios with imperfect conditions.  As The Crypto Basic has reported, XRP’s real-world transaction speed typically hovers between 500 and 700 TPS.

Also, Jason pointed out that transaction costs for XRP are a fraction of a cent, a stark contrast to ETH fees that can escalate to $50. 

Other Pluses for XRP

Meanwhile, the crypto educator mentioned that XRP leads in environmental consciousness with a negligible carbon footprint. Moreover, he noted that the XRP team is “working on becoming carbon neutral by 2025.”

Additionally, Jason highlighted that XRP extends its influence beyond financial realms. He noted it has supporting initiatives like the XRP Ledger Foundation and Ripple for Good program. These endeavors focus on fostering innovation, inclusion, and sustainability within the crypto space.

Ultimately, the educator highlighted that XRP boasts a passionate community, often called the “XRP Army,” staunchly supporting and promoting its vision. Jason urges investors not to underestimate this “sleeping giant.” He encourages acquiring XRP before its potential surge to $50 materializes. 

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