June 13, 2024

comparing Meme Moguls, Cosmos, and Stellar

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Meme Moguls (MGLS), Cosmos (ATOM), and Stellar (XLM) can grow in 2024. The Cosmos ecosystem has grown significantly over the past year, and Stellar had a strong performance in Q4. With investors looking to boost their portfolios, each project offers a unique opportunity. Here’s

Meme Moguls may outperform meme coins in 2024

Meme Moguls is a new altcoin that plays on meme trends. 

Unlike memecoins which focus on community to generate value, Meme Moguls introduces a meme marketplace. 

This virtual stock market will let investors buy, sell, and trade assets, build portfolios, and learn about investing. 

The project offers several new ways for players to generate revenue, including winning tournaments, staking MGLS, and ranking among the top 20 “Moguls” on the platform. 

Meme Moguls has put a significant focus on its community. Players can engage with one another, make new connections, and interact in a bustling community. 

As they build their network, players will share their insights and experiences while learning from a pool of like-minded investors. 

Market analysts are bullish on Meme Moguls in 2024.

Due to their utility, Meme Moguls can be a better alternative than most meme coins.

Meme Moguls has been fully vetted, and its tokenomics are designed around investor safety. This way, investors can feel confident playing the Meme Moguls game. 

MGLS is available for $0.0027 in the ongoing presale. 

Presale participants stand to win rewards from the $150,000 prize pool. 

Cosmos looks to cut inflation 

Despite its ecosystem growth, ATOM fell by 13.12% in 2023. Growing competition from projects like Polkadot and Avalanche and several delayed developments caused this decline.

However, Cosmos developers are looking to grow the project going into 2024.

StakeLab, which operates as a staking platform on the Cosmos ecosystem, has proposed to reduce ATOM inflation to 0%. 

At the time of writing Cosmos’ inflation ranged between 7% and 20%. 

Developers have expressed concerns about potential issues that could arise as the Cosmos ecosystem continues to evolve. For instance, even if all of the Cosmos supply is staked, the network will still generate 7% more tokens annually. This could diminish the value of tokens in circulation and hinder Cosmos’ growth.

A decision regarding this proposal must be made before Jan. 23 and could have long-term implications for Cosmos. 

Stellar struggles following early bear run 

XLM dropped by 4.05% in the first week of 2024. This decline follows a recent bear run, which saw the coin shrink by 13.45% in December. 

Should XLM prices continue to drop, experts believe investors may lose confidence in the project. 

However, Stellar’s bulls are taking action. The project’s daily trading volume is up 17.8% in the last 24 hours, pushing XLM trading volume above $100 million. 

This increase in activity suggests that investors remain confident in Stellar despite its recent price decline. 

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