April 25, 2024

BNB Price Soars 10% As Binance Launchpool Welcomes Sleepless AI (AI)

Binance’s native token, Binance Coin (BNB), gained nearly 10% on Tuesday after the crypto trading platform announced its 42nd project on Launchpool — Sleepless AI (AI). Now, Binance traders have the opportunity to farm AI tokens by staking BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD for seven days starting from December 28, 2023.

Sleepless AI stands out as an innovative gaming platform as it meticulously combines artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology. Moreover, the network mainly seeks to transform the gaming industry through a distinctive approach and the considerable expertise of its team. Therefore, considering the rise of AI, getting your hands on Sleepless AI rewards could be beneficial.

Sleepless AI Binance Launchpool Staking

For staking, users must undergo KYC verification on the Binance app. In addition, keeping note of the hourly reward caps is paramount. The hourly reward caps per user are set at 33,333.33 AI for the BNB staking pool and 4,166.66 AI for the FDUSD and TUSD pools.

Supported staking pools and AI token rewards include:

  • Stake BNB: 56,000,000 AI rewards (80%)
  • Stake FDUSD: 7,000,000 AI rewards (10%)
  • Stake TUSD: 7,000,000 AI rewards (10%)

The farming period will begin at 12:00 a.m. UTC on December 28, 2023, and will end at 11:59 p.m. UTC on January 3, 2024. Furthermore, Binance has assured that it will ensure a secure and equitable token distribution, allowing users to easily engage with Sleepless AI on their platform.

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Sleepless AI Binance Listing And Tokenomics

The listing of AI tokens on Binance is scheduled for January 04, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. UTC. Thereafter, it will feature trading pairs such as AI/BTC, AI/USDT, AI/BNB, AI/FDUSD, AI/TUSD, and AI/TRY. Moreover, the Sleepless AI token will be equipped with a Seed Tag, adding an exclusive touch to its trading status.

Sleepless AI has a total supply of 1 billion AI tokens. Out of this, the Binance Launchpool token rewards amount to 70 million AI, which is 7% of the total supply. Moreover, the recent announcement disclosed that the AI token will have an initial circulating supply of 13 million AI, which is 13% of the total token supply.

According to the Sleepless AI whitepaper, AI tokens could be used to purchase in-game tokens as well. Furthermore, in-game purchases would be discounted for those who hold AI. Also, gamers would be able to purchase upgrades using AI tokens.

BNB Price Surge

After the latest announcement was made, Binance Coin (BNB) ascended significantly. As of writing, the BNB price was up by 9.45% as it traded at $288.75. The market capitalization of BNB was recorded at $43.8 billion, gaining 9.43%. Additionally, the 24-hour trade volume soared by 71.06% to $1.3 billion. Also, it is worth noting that the BNB crypto registered a new 1-month high of $288.79 on Tuesday.

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