May 30, 2024

Bitstamp and Cboe partner to enhance cryptocurrency market integrity By

NEW YORK – In a move aimed at bolstering market integrity, cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp has entered into a Surveillance Sharing Agreement (SSA) with the Cboe, a major player in the financial exchange sector. This partnership, announced today, represents a significant step in collaborative efforts to prevent manipulation and improve oversight within the cryptocurrency market.

The discussion about the potential impact of a Spot Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) approval on ‘s market has been a topic of interest in the crypto community.

The partnership between Bitstamp and Cboe through the SSA is particularly timely, given the ongoing conversations around market structure and the need for enhanced regulatory measures. This agreement underscores the proactive steps being taken by industry stakeholders to address concerns about market fairness and to build trust among investors.

The collaboration between a cryptocurrency exchange and a traditional financial exchange may set a precedent for future initiatives aimed at ensuring a secure and transparent trading environment.

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