April 23, 2024

ATPBot Launches Decentralized Bitcoin Trust to Break the Monopoly

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE / ACCESSWIRE / December 29, 2023 / As cryptocurrency assets continue to rise in prominence within the financial landscape, the centralized monopoly of traditional investment institutions has become a limiting factor for cryptocurrency investments. Leveraging its unique AI technology and decentralized philosophy, ATPBot has launched an innovative Bitcoin Trust, allowing ordinary cryptocurrency investors to enjoy a superior investment experience.

What is Bitcoin Trust?

A Bitcoin Trust is a financial instrument designed to offer investors an indirect way to participate in the Bitcoin market. Taking Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) as an example, this trust allows investors to gain Bitcoin’s returns by purchasing trust shares, eliminating the need to directly own and manage digital assets.

How ATPBot’s Decentralized Bitcoin Trust Works

ATPBot’s Bitcoin Trust is built on advanced AI technology and integrates the decentralized core philosophy of cryptocurrencies. It breaks through various limitations of traditional trust products, presenting customers with a new and improved cryptocurrency wealth management product. The operation of ATPBot’s trust primarily revolves around the following points:

  1. Trust Establishment: Customers contribute a small amount of funds and entrust ATPBot to configure products according to their needs. This process can be self-managed or assisted by an official customer manager.

  2. Fund Configuration: Customers choose a trusted cryptocurrency exchange (such as Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken) based on personal preferences. They deposit stablecoins (such as USDT, USDC, BUSD) into the exchange and connect their exchange account to ATPBot’s AI system. Trust establishment is complete at this stage.

  3. AI Asset Management: ATPBot’s AI trading system, through API integration with the customer’s exchange account, intelligently manages asset allocation, adjusting assets in real-time based on market fluctuations to execute profitable trades.

  4. Redemption: When the trust matures, customers can choose to redeem the principal and profits. In case of achieving profit goals ahead of schedule, customers can opt for early redemption without incurring any additional fees.

Advantages of ATPBot’s Bitcoin Trust

Compared to Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust, ATPBot offers several advantages:

  1. Fund Security: Customer funds are stored and managed in isolation. Funds remain in the customer’s exchange account at all times, and ATPBot does not have the authority to withdraw funds. Utilizing AI technology and API Keys, ATPBot remotely manages and allocates customer assets intelligently.

  2. High Returns: Thanks to its powerful AI system, ATPBot’s Bitcoin Trust can provide higher capital returns within limited risks. Relative to simple spot holding, ATPBot’s AI trading system achieves a higher Sharpe ratio.

  3. Anytime Redemption: In contrast to Grayscale GBTC’s 6-month restriction, ATPBot customers can terminate their trust and redeem funds and profits at any time without incurring any default fees.

  4. No Identity Requirements: ATPBot does not require KYC from users, and there are no fixed requirements for the user’s asset scale. As long as users register as customers and pay a small service fee, they can purchase trust products. The recommended investment range is $10,000 to $1 million, and customers within this range can enjoy a satisfactory investment experience.

  5. Decentralization: ATPBot’s trust relies solely on blockchain technology and does not depend on specific centralized exchanges. Users can diversify themselves across multiple exchanges to reduce systemic risks. Fund movements are based on the most basic blockchain transactions, free from third-party interventions, allowing customers maximum autonomy.

  6. Multi-Product Support: Trust products for the top 10 cryptocurrencies are available, and users can choose suitable products based on their investment expectations. Trust products can also be switched at any time without incurring default fees, only requiring a minimal fund management fee.

  7. Complete Transparency: Users can view detailed data for each investment, ensuring transparency about their fund’s utilization. All data shown to customers is authentic and objective, and ATPBot has no capability to manipulate any data.

ATPBot’s Service Philosophy

  1. Inclusivity through Technology: ATPBot adheres to the philosophy of technological inclusivity, providing customers with fairer and more efficient financial services by ingeniously combining blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This innovative combination allows financial services to be more widely accessible, benefiting a larger audience. Ordinary investors can now enjoy premium financial services, eliminating concerns about unreliable and inefficient financial management products from the past.

  2. Long-Term Investment: ATPBot focuses on long-term value investing. The algorithm, continuously learning and adapting to market trends, leans towards identifying and seizing long-term growth opportunities. By analyzing comprehensive historical market data, ATPBot can recognize and capture assets with high long-term investment value. Customers are the greatest value investment target for ATPBot, aiming to grow together and share dividends of the era.

  3. Objective Reality: Authenticity is a principle ATPBot consistently upholds throughout its work and processes. Whether it’s data presentation or customer service, everything is objective and true. Customers don’t need to expend additional effort to verify the credibility of the data, and any questions can be answered objectively and truthfully by any customer service representative. ATPBot’s decisions and recommendations are based on deep learning and data analysis, not subjective emotions or arbitrary judgments. The algorithm is meticulously designed to achieve keen insights into market trends, providing users with investment advice based on facts and logic.

  4. Sincere Trust: ATPBot utilizes AI technology to help users increase profit opportunities. Our experience indicates that success comes from genuinely serving customers. AI technology is the cornerstone of ATPBot, and customer trust is the fundamental basis for ATPBot’s development. With its advanced artificial intelligence technology and rigorous security system, ATPBot ensures the maximum protection of customer financial information. Customers can confidently share their investment goals, risk preferences, and financial situations with ATPBot, as the platform considers this information as the precious cornerstone of cooperation rather than mere data.

  5. Freedom and Equality: The relationship between ATPBot and customers is built on freedom and equality, embodying a new type of financial partnership. In this relationship, users are no longer passive recipients but true collaborators who can make decisions freely and participate in the decision-making process. Users can formulate investment plans based on their risk preferences, financial goals, and market conditions, while ATPBot acts as an intelligent financial partner, providing comprehensive support and decision-making advice. This freedom allows users to flexibly engage in the investment process, making optimal financial decisions based on their needs.


The launch of ATPBot’s decentralized Bitcoin Trust has received positive responses from many customers. They appreciate the more flexible and secure way of managing digital assets and acknowledge ATPBot’s innovative approach. ATPBot’s decentralized Bitcoin Trust provides a fresh choice for cryptocurrency investors. By breaking the monopoly of traditional financial institutions, ATPBot encourages users to explore new services, realizing more possibilities for cryptocurrency investments.

Connect with ATPBot

Website : https://www.atpbot.com
Service Oversight Email: support@atpbot.com
Business Cooperation Email: business@atpbot.com
Contact Client Manager: https://t.me/Carlaatp


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