May 30, 2024

5 New Cryptocurrency That Crypto YouTubers Tip To Pump in 2024

A rocket taking off from a laptop, symbolizing new cryptocurrency picks from Crypto YouToubers expected to pump in 2024.
Crypto influencers have chosen their top new cryptocurrency picks for 2024. Image by Pol Solé, Adobe Stock.

The cryptocurrency market never sleeps, and crypto influencers are already looking ahead to predict which new cryptocurrencies could pump in 2024. Three new projects—XAI, TIA, and NFP—are gaining traction among YouTube crypto experts who believe these new blockchain projects have huge upside potential this year.

In addition to these promising cryptocurrencies, crypto presales have also caught the attention of crypto YouTubers. Meme Kombat and Bitcoin Minetrix are among those expected to become the next best crypto projects.

XAI Gains Momentum After Binance Listing

Xai (XAI) is the latest pick by YouTuber Cilinix Crypto, who is bullish on the new token’s prospects. XAI made its debut on January 9, 2024 with a listing on Binance.

Leading up to the listing, XAI was featured as Binance’s 43rd Launchpool project. Users could stake BNB, FDUSD, and TUSD in separate pools from January 5-8 to earn XAI tokens before the listing.

The listing gave XAI an immediate jolt, with the token price rallying over 80% to a high of $0.786384. As of January 9, XAI was trading around $0.72 with a market capitalization exceeding $200 million.

XAI seeks to make web3 gaming more accessible by enabling seamless trading of in-game items without crypto wallet complexities. The decentralized platform also promotes community governance.

TIA Surges Over 600% Since Mainnet Launch

TIA, the native token of the Celestia blockchain network, has been another breakout cryptocurrency in recent months. Since Celestia’s mainnet launched on October 31, 2023, TIA has surged over 600% in value.

The project enables scalable modular blockchains by providing a dedicated data availability layer, allowing nodes to remain lightweight. Celestia’s mainnet release also unlocked over $300 million worth of TIA tokens, sparking a surge in trading activity and price.

In December, Celestia integrated with Polygon’s development platform, opening the door to thousands of new developers building blockchains powered by Celestia’s infrastructure.

Given the recent momentum and partnerships, crypto YouTuber Jacob “Crypto” Bury predicted TIA could rise 10x from current levels in 2024 as more blockchains adopt Celestia’s data availability solution.

Is NFP the Next Hot New Cryptocurrency for 2024?

Popular cryptocurrency YouTuber Coin Engineer revealed NFPrompt (NFP) as his top altcoin pick for 2024, predicting it could surge by over 50 times its current value.

NFPrompt is a new web3 platform built on the BNB chain that utilizes AI tools to generate unique digital art, music, videos, avatars, and more. Users can then mint their AI creations into NFTs and sell them on NFPrompt’s built-in NFT marketplace.

When an NFT sells, the AI prompt used to generate it becomes visible to the buyer, adding an extra layer of transparency. NFPrompt seeks to connect content creators with fans and collectors through its social features like reactions and comments.

The native NFP token has already seen massive growth since its launch in December, skyrocketing over 6000% after being listed on Binance Launchpool.

NFP coins have utility on the platform such as community governance through voting and staking to earn a percentage of trading fees. The supply is capped at 1 billion NFP tokens.

With its unique AI generative features, NFPrompt is bringing a novel approach to the NFT space and attracting considerable hype. If predictions from Coin Engineer prove accurate, NFP could be one of the best new cryptocurrencies in 2024.

Bitcoin Minetrix Focuses on Democratized Mining

Next in line of the top new cryptocurrency picks according to influencer Connor Kenny is Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), which seeks to open Bitcoin mining rewards to a wider audience through staking.

By staking BTCMTX tokens, holders can earn “mining credits” that provide Bitcoin mining rewards without personally operating any hardware. The project’s whitepaper states stakers may achieve yields up to 82% APY from a combination of Bitcoin mining rewards and staking incentives.

This novel mining model has generated hype during Bitcoin Minetrix’s ongoing presale, attracting nearly $8 million in contributions so far. The current presale stage offers the chance to purchase BTCMTX at $0.0127 before the next price increase.

In addition to its staking model, Bitcoin Minetrix has focused on improving platform security using MetaMask integration. The roadmap outlines exchange listings, mobile apps, and expanded mining capacity through partnerships post-presale.

If momentum continues through eventual exchange debuts, early BTCMTX investors could see substantial returns.

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Meme Kombat Taps into Meme Coin Hype

The final new cryptocurrency pick comes from crypto influencer Crypto Pulse. Meme Kombat (MK) is a play-to-earn project seeking to become a top meme coin with its unique battle arena feature.

Meme Kombat will allow users to wager MK tokens on fights between meme coin mascots controlled by AI. Winners will earn prizes of additional MK, which can then be staked to generate yields up to 155% annually according to project materials.

Clever marketing and community engagement have fueled Meme Kombat’s presale, already raising over $6.5 million so far. The presale is in its final stage, meaning the window to buy MK at the current price of $0.279 is closing quickly.

Early presale investors are currently up 52% in unrealized gains, with MK originally priced at $0.183. A planned Uniswap listing post-presale may bring high levels of volatility.

Meme Kombat’s roadmap details plans to continually engage users over time, such as introducing new gameplay in Season 2. With a substantial amount already raised in its crypto presale, Meme Kombat has the resources to gain even more traction to become one of the new best cryptocurrency picks.

Crypto influencers look to identify potential breakout cryptocurrencies early. For investors seeking major returns, acting quickly on expert altcoin picks could provide opportunities to profit from earliest-stage growth.

The projects able to build real-world use cases and engage persistent user bases are most likely to become market leaders. Carefully analyzing features, roadmaps, and developer activity is essential when evaluating if a new cryptocurrency has genuine capabilities or is a passing trend.

With crypto rapidly evolving, the next top altcoin could emerge at any time. Agile investors who spot new projects with disruptive potential early can achieve outsized gains.

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