April 23, 2024

Threads adds keyword search and tagging – helping your content reach more users

A recent update to Threads brings the ability to search for keywords and adds an interesting take on hashtags.

In a video update from Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri announces the launch of two new features coming to Threads, both enabling your content to reach more users.

Keyword search has been in testing in English and Spanish speaking countries for some time. Now this feature is launching to the rest of the world. Before the update, the search bar only allowed people to search for other users. Search results will now also show instances of this word or phrase in posts. This should help creators attain more reach and help consumers find topics they’re interested in.

Secondly, Threads is launching a unique take on hashtags. Users can now tag one topic per post. Topic tags can be a single word, or a phrases, including spaces, special characters and emojis. When creating a new post on mobile or the web app on desktop, simply tap the hashtag icon. As you type, Threads will suggest popular topics. Tags in posts show as blue text. Simply tap the text to explore more discussions on that topic, with the most revelant, recent and engaging posts first. Much like the above, hopefully this feature will allow creators and consumers alike to find topics and connect with those interested in the same topic.

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