June 21, 2024

How to Search Reviews on Google Maps for Keywords

Google Maps

Many people use Google Maps to find out about businesses, parks, locations, and destinations, by reading the reviews. While it’s one thing to browse through all of the reviews and read them, it can be very useful to narrow down reviews for something specific, like a keyword. Thus, it’s a desirable capability to be able to search reviews on Google Maps for a keyword match.

Searching reviews is incredibly useful if you’re wondering about something specific. For example, you can search a restaurants reviews for “burrito” if you’d like to read specifically reviews mentioning that.

Searching reviews on Google Maps is easy but it may not be obvious to everyone, so here’s how you can do it.

How to Search Reviews on Google Maps for Keywords

Looking through tons of reviews can be overwhelming, so let’s search within reviews to find what we are looking for:

  1. Go to maps.google.com if you haven’t already and find the business or location that you’d like to search reviews for
  2. Click on the “Reviews” tab for that location on Google Maps
  3. How to Search Google Reviews on Google Maps

  4. Look for the magnifying glass icon, and click on that to find Search
  5. How to Search  Reviews on Google Maps

  6. Enter your keyword or search terms to search the reviews for that location or business for, then hit enter/return to search
  7. How to Search Google Maps Reviews

In the screenshot example, we’re searching a park in Boulder for “gorilla”, because the last thing we want to do is visit somewhere that a gorilla is on the loose.

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