June 16, 2024

How to Research Amazon Keywords

Knowing the words consumers type in Amazon’s search box has the dual benefit of optimizing product listings and identifying commercial-intent queries to target on Google.

Searchers on Google have varied intentions, such as informational, commercial, or brand-specific. But searches on Amazon are for products, offering keyword insights on categories, descriptions, feeds, and more.

Unlike Google, Amazon has no keyword research tool. But, like Google, it has an autocomplete feature.

Here are five third-party keyword tools that pull Amazon’s autocomplete suggestions.

Screenshot of Amazon autocomplete drop-down for "space heater"

Amazon’s autocomplete drop-down lists keyword variations, such as the example for “space heater.”

Helium 10

Helium 10 focuses on optimizing Amazon and Walmart listings. Input a seed term and the tool lists long-tail and related keywords with the following metrics:

  • Search volume and trends.
  • Number of competing products.
  • “Magnet IQ Score,” the ratio of search volume divided by the number of competing products. The higher the score, the more opportunity.
  • “Title Density,” the number of products on page one of search results containing the query term, indicating how many products were optimized for the keyword and, thus, the ranking opportunity.

The tool also provides a keyword cluster analysis identifying common long-tail modifiers for a given term. (View screenshot.)

Helium 10 offers no free plan or trial. Paid plans start at $39 per month.

AMZ Suggestion Expander

AMZ Suggestion Expander is a Chrome extension that expands Amazon’s autocomplete drop-down based on the initial query. It generates a list of long-tail keywords with before and after modifiers.

Clicking any keyword in the drop-down will trigger a new search. Users can download the complete list of these suggestions. (View screenshot.)

AMZ Suggestion Expander is free. For $9.97 it adds the search volume and advertising cost per click for each keyword.


SellerApp is a free Chrome extension that extends queries while searching on Amazon or the extension icon in the toolbar. To generate keyword suggestions, select the marketplace country and the query extension method — letters or numbers.

Then export the entire list as a CSV file and use spreadsheet filters to identify keyword groups for optimizing products or categories. (View screenshot.)


Ahrefs provides a free Amazon keyword tool requiring no registration or payment. The tool extracts 100 keyword variations (from a seed term) based on Amazon autocomplete.

Ahrefs is the only tool I’m aware of that provides free search volume data for each keyword. (View screenshot.)

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keyword Tool Dominator pulls autocomplete results from multiple platforms, including Google, YouTube, and Amazon.

To use the tool, set a mode — “Broad,” “Precise,” or “Normal” — each generating different suggestions.

  • “Broad” extracts suggestions with the seed term in the middle of a phrase.
  • “Precise” limits the suggestions to those that start with the seed term.
  • “Normal” includes both.

Users can filter the suggestions by the marketplace country and department (e.g., “Appliances,” “Automotive Parts”) as well as by modifier and word count, including exclusions. Download the entire suggestion list or the filtered version. (View screenshot.)

Pricing for Keyword Tool Dominator starts at $9 per month. There’s no free version or trial.

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