June 21, 2024

Excire Foto 2024: Keyword your images automatically

Oh boy! I was never one to keyword my images. Then, it was too late because I had way too many images. The possibility of getting it done was close to impossible. But wait! Turns out there is software that will give you a huge head start on the process.

Enter Excire Foto 2024. The folks of Excire gave me a copy of their software to run it through its paces.


  • Take an entire collection of images and add keywords!
  • Makes it easier to find an image
  • Search by phrase
  • Find specific people images by facial recognition
  • Find images by lens, aperture or field of view


  • As with all software you need to spend time learning (I guess not really a con?)
  • Have to remember to ingest new images into the database
Some of the return from asking the software for yellow flower. The results appear almost instantly.

Excire Foto 2024 — Features

Here’s what Excire Foto says:

  • Prompt-Search AI: Instantly find any image in your catalog by typing in a free-text description.
  • Intelligent Aesthetic Analysis: Let AI identify your most visually appealing shots.
  • Auto-Keywording: Say goodbye to manual keywording; Excire’s X-tags AI will automatically categorize your images with precise keywords.
  • Advanced Duplicate Management: Clean up your library and speed up your culling process by effectively identifying duplicates, near-duplicates, and image sequences.
  • Facial Recognition: Easily search your image catalog for specific people and facial characteristics.
  • Integrated AI Analytics: Dive deeper into your photography habits and gain insights that can save you money and shape your next masterpiece.
Red flower search.

Excire Foto 2024 — System requirements


Multi-core processor with 64-bit and AVX support Older AMD Prozessoren like AMD Phenom ™ II X6 1100T und AMD Phenom ™ II X (also known as AMD Athlon II X4 640) are not supported. Intel Core 2 Duo processors are not supported.

Operating system

macOS 10.14 (or newer) or Windows 10 (64-bit) or Windows 11 (64bit)


Minimum 8GB RAM. However, 16GB or more are recommended.

Hard disk

The Excire Foto databases will take up approx. 250MB for 100,000 photos, and the previews approx. 25GB if highest-quality previews are generated for each photo.

Excire Foto 2024 — Monumental job done quick

Having hundreds of thousands of photos made this a task I thought would never happen. Adding keywords to my files to aid in finding them when I needed them looked like it was out of the realm of possibility. Excire Foto made short work of the process. Okay… Maybe it took about 24 hours to keyword 248,000 images. Fired up one section of my hard drive and ran it overnight. Then ran another set of files the next night and then it was done.

Looking for ‘Big Cats.’ The software did return our pet cat Luna but she thinks of herself as a big cat so that works!

Excire Foto 2024 — Accuracy

You might think that the AI process would lead to a lot of inaccuracies. Not so much. I’m still testing but I’m finding about 95% to be pretty much on target. One exception, for me, is the software labeled all my Sandhill Crane images as “goose.” That will be an easy adjustment using the ‘Find Similar’ command and making changes to the keywords.

On opening the software you receive this Welcome Screen which shows you the steps and introduces you to all the features of Excire Foto 2024. The screen will keep revealing itself until you check the Don’t show this view again

Excire Foto 2024 — Process

Download and install the Excite Foto software, fire it up and get it registered. Add a folder add or register folders including subfolders you should activate this option. The selected directory tree will now be recursively searched for photos. If this option is enabled, once the photos are registered, they will also be automatically analyzed and the corresponding keywords will be saved in Excire Foto. Note that Excire makes its own database and makes no changes to your files.

Plenty of instruction on the use of the software. Spend some time here as there are tons of ways to search, some which you may not have thought of which are very useful.

Excire Foto 2024 — Using AI Training

Meanwhile, this was a different way to look at images. You have many choices of how to sort the files. Name, capture date, star rating relevance, recently added or, a new one to me Aesthetics. The software was trained to choose the best renditions of your images. Now this is totally subjective in the world but it is interesting to see the images it chooses as the most aesthetic.

The return of images labeled parrot and using the sorting based on Aesthetics. Kinda cool!

Excire Foto 2024 — Final thoughts

If you are a photographer who never quite gets around to organizing his/her files with keywords, this software is for you. This is especially true if you have a large collection of images. It worked to add keywords to my quarter of a million files in a quite reasonable time of less than 24 hours. It would have taken me years to even get close and I wouldn’t have done as good a job.

Excire Foto 2024 software offers many ways to query and find files. It returns search results very quickly! I’m still learning how to use the data received in order to create charts of camera and lens use to learn about my preferences and more.

Yours in Creative Photography, Bob

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