UNC says no to property tax: ‘People struggling to survive’

UNC says no to property tax: ‘People struggling to survive’

Damian Lyder -
Damian Lyder –

OPPOSITION Senator Damian Lyder says the UNC “stands firm against the implementation of property tax at this time.”

He was speaking at the UNC’s weekly media conference in Port of Spain on Sunday.

In the recent presentation of the 2023 budget, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said the government was “on track” to begin the collection of property tax next year.

He said this will begin with residential homes.

However, Lyder said people in this country were already struggling to survive, so the implementation of this tax is a “draconian” measure.

“Many of these families could barely afford the increased food prices today, the increased fuel prices…many are struggling to keep a job at this time.”

He said the mantra of the PNM seems to be: The rich gets richer while the poor continues to suffer in silence.

“And if you dare protest, you will be accused of wanting everything for nothing.

“It cannot be acceptable to put a tax on hardworking residents and inflict further pain on them unless you are prepared to put equity in place.”

He said when the UNC returns to office, “which will be very soon,” property tax will not be considered.

Opposition Senator Anil Roberts agreed with Lyder saying property tax was a way of “punishing you for your success.”

He said the 2023 budget document should be “shredded and dumped in the labass with kerosene, LPG gas and a box of Three Plumes matches.”

Roberts said the PNM and UNC were not the same as Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar “managed this country so well.”

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