Regent Street problem property owner hit with $45,000 fine | Local News

Regent Street problem property owner hit with $45,000 fine | Local News

The owner of the single-family residence at 84 Regent St. could face a fine of $45,000 for a sanitation violation dating back to early April.

City Court Judge Thomas DiMillo levied the fine Oct. 11, a default judgment owing to representatives of Prolific Realty Group Inc. being absent from the proceedings.

Prolific Realty Group purchased the troubled property on Nov. 8, 2021, according to city assessment records. The violation concerns debris in the back yard and driveway.

Chief Building Inspector Jason Dool said the property has been a problem for years. The fine, $250 per day, can be levied for a maximum of 180 days, he said.

“They failed to appear in court and were served by the secretary of state and again did not appear,” Dool said. “The judge handed down the verdict.”

According to city counsel Patricia McGrath, a second violation notice has been issued to Prolific Realty concerning 84 Regent St. The company, which has a listed office address in Buffalo, is currently scheduled to appear before DiMillo on Nov. 15, she said.

84 Regent was the subject of a Union-Sun & Journal cover story, “Neighborhood eyesore,” in August 2020, when the property had a different owner and neighbors were upset about repeated instances of debris accumulation. The previous owner was taken to court by the city a couple of times going back to roughly 2017-2018, and at the time of the report had been cited again, but housing court cases were not being heard due to Covid lockdown.

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