PROPERTY TRANSFERS: | News, Sports, Jobs

PROPERTY TRANSFERS: | News, Sports, Jobs

Center Township

Steven B. May to Lester S. and Glenna C. McNeil, home on Hunters Camp Road; $185,900


Lynne R. Beech et al to Betty R. and Gordon S. Brown, condo on Timberline Drive; $250,000

East Liverpool

June E. Fineman to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, two-family dwelling on Minerva Street; $15,000

Guardian Home Buyers LLC to Amanda Kiger, two-family dwelling on Minerva Street; $21,500

Jean Y. Keyser to William Gibbs, residential vacant land on Railroad Street; $1,200

Gary and Bonnie Lemasters to Lemuel Lamp, home on Vine Street; $95,000

East Palestine

Richard L. and Claudia S. Orsburn to Guardian Home Buyers LLC, home on Grandview Avenue; $140,000

Saint Mary’s South Cemetery to The Most Reverend David J. Bonnar Trust, 1.721 acres on Brookdale Avenue; $60,000

Alan L. and Lois M. Miller to Low Key Enterprise Limited, 26.083 acres on Arter Avenue and Pleasant Drive; $75,000

Brian Allen Stanifer to James Eavers, home on Clark Street; $124,500

Timothy H. Powers to Tyler and Andrea White, residential vacant land on Highland Avenue; $5,000

Fairfield Township

Timothy S. and Denise A. Peterson to Clinton A. Arnold, home on state Route 7; $200,500

Lauretta S. Bertelsen (trustee) to Crooked Creek LLC, 1.5 acres on Redpath Drive; $18,000

Hanover Township

Jason A. and Allyson R. Bussey to Donald L. and Ruby L. Burnham, home on Orchard Knoll Road; $158,000

Knox Township

Leona M. Stoller to Micheal S. Knepp, residential vacant land on Lake Street; $24,2000

Liverpool Township

Kathryn A. Houshour to Leo S. Oshaben, home on Lisbon Street; $74,010

Stephen R. and Patty Clutter to Dana McGuire and David T. Tyras, home on Campground Road; $110,000

Middleton Township

R. Kent Bell to Lake Tomahawk Property Owners Association, residential vacant land on Modoc Trail; $2,400

Ronald Lee Baker to Thomas T. and Natalie J. Mellott Jr., 4.374 acres on Dyke Road; $50,000

Philip and Janet Brinker to Emanuel A. and Sarah M. Shetler, home on Pancake Clarkson Road; $186,000

Julie A. Glossen to Devin and Elizabeth A. Reed, home on Carmel Achor Road; $250,000

New Waterford

Richard and Carol Meredith to Brett S. and Carmen L. Allmond, condo on Pinewood Drive; $123,000

Perry Township

Patricia K. Ward (trustee) to Jason R. and Kara L. Craig, home on state Route 344; $529,000


Blair L. and Mary Lou Whitman to Walter Whitman, home on Sixth Street; $55,019

Maps Real Estate LTD to Andrew D. Murzda Jr., home on Carole Drive; $152,000

Nancy Lee Sines to Terry L. and Doris C. Hoopes, home on Jefferson Avenue; $79,900

Rosemarie S. Lynn to Danielle Young, home on West Tenth Street; $164,000

Apex Investment Properties LLC to Millrun Structures LLC, residential vacant land on Lexington Avenue; $25,000

Jennifer L. Barr to Brent A. Black, home on East Third Street; $110,000

Salem Township

Joseph K. and James H. Miller to James D. and Kelly J. Clark, condo on Foxden Drive; $220,000

St. Clair Township

Sunny R. Brick to Chantell D. Barrett, home on Y&O Road; $75,900

Shashi Batish (trustee) to Jeffrey M. and Julie L. Kreefer, other residential structures on 1.071 acres on Davis Drive; $61,500

John A. and Irmgard M. Lustig (trustee) to Richard C. and Angela L. Vantilburg, home on Duke Road; $140,000

Judith A. Knepper to David W. Trotter, other residential structures on Old Fredericktown Road; $20,000

Unity Township

Mark A. and Linda A. DeMarco to Sandra Melendez, home on Meadow Ridge Lane; $294,000


Adam E. Grubbs to JL Contracting & Remodeling LLC, home on Boston Street; $50,000

JL Contracting & Remodeling LLC to Gage M. Miller and Danielle J. Walter, home on Boston Street; $122,000

West Township

DG Residential LLC to Michael Jason Dunlap, home on School Street; $45,000

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