Property tax decrease could be coming to Rock island County

Property tax decrease could be coming to Rock island County

The Rock Island County Board voted to lay out a proposed budget for the next fiscal year of 2023, that includes a tax reduction.

ROCK ISLAND, Ill. — Rock Island County residents could soon see a reduction in their property taxes.

On Thursday, October 27, the Rock Island County Board of Supervisors voted to lay out a proposed budget for 2023. The budget, if approved, would reduce residents’ property taxes by more than 9% This reduction mean approximately 60 dollars less for every $100,000 that a person’s property is worth.

Rock Island County Finance Director, Ryan Berger,decribed how excited he is about the budget.

“We’re excited, but it doesn’t mean the work stops and we’re just going to keep moving,” Berger said.

The budget was requested by the County Board’s Budget Committee.

Rock Island County Chairman, Richard “Quijas” Brunk, explained that anyone who owns property in the county is eligible for the tax reduction.

“They will automatically see it on their property tax bill,” Chairman Brunk said. “The county’s portion of their property tax bill will see a reduction.”

County officials do not know yet how long the proposed tax reductions would last. They said it will be a waiting game for the next fiscal year.

“It’s a great first step to long-term financial planning,” Financial Director Ryan Berg said In a press release on Monday, Oct. 31, 

The County Board will vote on the budget on Tuesday, Nov. 22.

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