July 24, 2024

Property Manager Asks Man When He’s Going to Pay His Late Rent, and We Wish We Had Half of His Confidence

Simply put, nobody likes paying rent. Some landlords really do take advantage, and it can be difficult to get the money together to pay. Somehow, we all manage to scrape by, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tell your landlord or property manager that you don’t have the money this month and be done with it?

Well, that’s exactly what one guy did when he received a call from Alysia, a property manager desperately trying to get him to pay. Alysia worked as a property manager, and the particular property she worked at was a relatively new build with only 30% of the homes filled. What’s worse is she claims that only half of those would actually pay rent on time.

In the caption she explains that she no longer works there which is why she posted her experience for all to see on TikTok. Watching the video, it’s clear to see just why she quit as it was her job to phone tenants up and get them to pay, and let’s just say they weren’t exactly forthcoming with their money.

The fact that he didn’t know when rent is due is definitely a red flag, seeing as it would have been there on the contract when he signed the lease. After all, the due date for my rent is seared into my brain, so how on earth could he not know this? Aside from that, the least we can say about Nick is that he’s honest. He certainly didn’t beat around the bush when it came to telling Alysia about his plans to pay. 

What’s frustrating about this is that it affects her, too. As she explains in the video text, “not collecting rent puts my delinquency up every month […] it just looks bad.” So Nick not paying his rent also got Alysia in trouble with her boss. In fact, the whole reason she recorded the video was to show her RPM the kind of responses she was getting.

But it gets even worse, as Nick reveals that he was actually sub-leasing the property, which isn’t allowed, but it would explain why he didn’t know when rent was due. Apparently the person who was paying the rent moved out and Nick never thought to tell the property manager. And, it’s also revealed that Nick isn’t even his real name? It’s all crazy, how does someone do all this and then act so blasé about it? In a second part Alysia showed the state the now empty apartment had been left in, and it ain’t pretty.

Yep, there is actually feces and urine soaked into the floor. Of course, there’s not a whole lot she could have done. It’s not like she could have just burst through the door and checked out the apartment without asking, although some landlords do do that.

The comments suggested getting Nick back on the phone, but judging by his attitude last time it seems unlikely he would even care all that much. Either way, it seems like Alysia made the right call quitting when she did as she called it the “worst property” she’d ever worked at.

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