July 24, 2024

Inside Brad Pitt’s real estate property portfolio worth £57million with huge profits

Brad Pitt boasts an impressive property portfolio that saw him receive a seven figure profit last year, with much of it being discussed during his divorce from Angelina Jolie

Inside Brad Pitt’s savvy real estate property portfolio worth $72 million with seven figure profits(Getty)

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has revealed he isn’t just an award winning actor, but also a savvy real estate mogul too with a property portfolio worth $72million (£57million).

The actor’s collection of property spans across Los Angeles including Beverly Hills, New Orleans and even Europe, and earned the actor a cool $31million (£24million) last year in profits. The extent of Brad’s real estate success has also been discussed as his divorce from ex wife Angelina Jolie gets underway, with details of Brad’s impressive asset portfolio being widely scrutinised. The actor has been buying property and investing in real estate since 1994, and in nearly three decades has seen a huge profit from his portfolio.

One of the most notable wins for The Fight Club actor came when he sold his family compound last year. Initially bought for $1.7million (£1.3million) over 30 years ago, it made a profit of $31.3million (£24.7million) when it sold for a whopping $33million (£26million). The property boasted a skate park, secret cave and three swimming pools, and was where Brad and Angelina settled down with their family including their six children. The couple wed in 2016, but split just two years later.

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Brad Pitt sold his family compound for a whopping $33million in 2023, earning $31.3million profit

The star has also earned significant profit from other property investments including three studios in Los Angeles’ Frogtown neighbourhood. He also made a historical investment as he snapped up the former home of American author D.L. James in Carmel, California, for $40million (£31million) with no mortgage. His previous abode with former wife Jennifer Aniston, was also worth a cool $45million (£35million).

One property investment that has been heavily discussed in the wake of divorce proceedings between Brad and Angelina, is their French winery and vineyard Chateau Miraval. Originally purchased in 2008 for $60million (£47million), the estate has 35 rooms and boasts 1000 acres as well as being known for its wine around the world, especially it’s rosé. The Chateau Miraval is also when the couple held their private and intimate wedding in 2016, before splitting just two years later.

Brad Pitt’s mansion with ex wife Jennifer Aniston was worth $45million(Tyler Hogan)

Vanity Fair previously reported that in 2011 the couple appeared to have come to an agreement in which Brad would purchase Angelina’s half of the business and the property. The deal reportedly stalled however when Brad tried to insert an NDA that would prevent his former partner from publicly talking about their infamous argument in front of their kids on a private jet in 2016, which is believed to have been the catalyst for their split. However it’s been argued that it was Angelina insistent on the NDA, before eventually backing out of the deal.

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