July 24, 2024

‘I was a little caught off guard’ | Lytle man’s demands for bar owner to move cars off his property ends in bloody scuffle

Simon Garcia stated he’ll consider putting up no trespassing signs to ensure patrons of the Klondike Bar don’t park in his driveway again.

LYTLE, Texas — A Lytle man says he was beat up Thursday evening after demanding the owner of a bar to remove patrons’ cars off his property. 

Simon Garcia had just returned home from a night out with a friend.  He lives right next door to the Klondike Bar in Lytle, which has been in business for at least two years. 

“My sister went over there because they had cars parked at our house to ask them to move. I did go over there to see she was okay and came right back,” Garcia said. “The owner of the bar came with some gentleman and at that point some words were exchanged and he attacked me after that causing the lump on my head and me to get staples.” 

Garcia said his sister suffered minor scratches and bruises at the hands of the bar owner. 

Mike Wells spoke with KENS 5 off camera, identifying himself as the man who accompanied the bar owner.  

Wells claims the goal was to take pictures of the cars’ license plates that were parked in the Garcia’s lot then announce over intercom that the vehicles needed to relocate. 

Wells said Garcia struck first, to which he responded with a couple blows.  

Wells noted plans are in place for installing signs indicating where people can and cannot park to avoid future confusion and confrontations. 

“We do plan to press charges,” Garcia said. 

The Garcia’s have been engaged in legal disputes with the bar owner’s family for years since before the Klondike Bar was established.

Beyond the brawl, he’s focused on finding resolution to ensure unwelcome guests stay off his property. 

 “We’ve thought about putting up some no trespassing signs,” Garcia said. “What we really want is for them to stop using our driveway because nobody every gave them permission to do that and hoping Atascosa County will actually take action this time.” 

The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office has not made any arrests in the ongoing investigation. 


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