Commissioners approve motion to waive credit card fee on property tax

Commissioners approve motion to waive credit card fee on property tax

The Webb County Commissioners Court approved a motion to waive the 3% fee for credit card payments to delinquent taxpayers who are behind in property tax during the months of April and May.

Although the issue was not on the agenda, the motion came up during the revenue brief presented by Patricia Barrera, Tax Assessor-Collector at Webb County.

Webb County Judge Tano Tijerina asked if there was a way to expedite the collection of property taxes from delinquent taxpayers.

Commissioner John Galo proposed omitting the 3% fee that is regularly charged when paying with a credit card.

“That can be done,” Barrera said. “It was done before. It might be of advantage because on July 1st, we will add another 15% on attorney fees, so they will be able to pay off without that extra 15%.”

Barrera said taxpayers who do not pay their taxes on time face an interest charge of 9% in March; 11% in April; 13% in May; 15% in June; and 18% in July, plus an additional 15% in attorney fees.

“In April and May, credit card fee to be free,” Galo said. “We will accept payments without the credit card fee only for property taxes.”

The waiver of this fee will come into effect on April 1 and end on May 31.

“I don’t see a negative thing, and with the economy as it is, it will be of benefit for taxpayers,” Barrera said. “It is something that is going to help a lot of people, and they will probably pay their property taxes before the 15% interest is charged in June.”

The motion was approved. Galo then asked the media present in the room to spread the message so taxpayers would take advantage of this opportunity.

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