Cayuga County property transfers: March 19, 2023

Cayuga County property transfers: March 19, 2023

Today’s transfers cover deeds recorded with the Cayuga County Clerk’s Office Dec. 29-Jan. 8:

• Sean Trani, 7687 North St. Road, Auburn, to Mary Jane Trani, 155 Lake Ave., Auburn, property at 155 Lake Ave., $0. Assessment $164,900.

• Reingard Mirza, 115 S. Herman Ave., Auburn, to Justin Rosie and Matthew Rosie, 394 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, property at 115 S. Herman Ave., $370,000. Assessment $273,100.

• Sue A. Slaski, 66 Standart Ave., Auburn, to Sue A. Slaski and Steven C. Roller (same address), property at 66 Standart Ave., $0. Assessment $175,300.

• G&P Rentals Inc., P.O. Box 1557, Auburn, to Rosewood Assets LLC, P.O. Box 102, Hannibal, property at 60 Grant Ave., 62-64 Grant Ave. and 84 Lansing St., $620,000. Assessment $78,100, $212,700 and $124,600.

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• David Bauso and Marie Bauso, 212 Genesee St., Auburn, to Shane Ely, 145 Woodlawn Ave., Auburn, property at 212 Genesee St., $144,900. Assessment $98,600.

• Steven E. LaRose and Johanna B. Pastore, 15 Henry Drive, Auburn, to Johanna B. Pastore (same address), property at 15 Henry Drive, $0. Assessment $210,000.

• Colleen Brennan-Barry, 61 Queensway Road, Rochester, as administrator of the estate of Jo Ann Brennan, to Richard Petrone, 158 Weston Road, Rochester, property at 18 N. Albany St., $93,000. Assessment $64,900.

• Ann Marie Coleman, 3107 Franklin St. Road, Auburn, John M. Bocon, Hingham, MA, Peter E. Bocon, Shrewsbury, MA, Thomas G. Bocon, 51 Pine Circle, Horseheads, and Paula Bocon, 207 S. Lincoln Road, E. Rochester, to Ann Marie Coleman, 3107 Franklin St. Road, Auburn, property at 186 Perrine Ave., $104,000. Assessment $140,800.

• Patricia A. Cameron, 29 S. Lewis St., Auburn, to 118 Osborne Street LLC, 113 Osborne St., Auburn, property at 118 Osborne St., $20,000. Assessment $24,800.

• Christopher Dempsey, 125 Sears Road, Groton, to Christopher Dempsey and Diane M. Dempsey (same address), property at 128 Grant Ave., $0. Assessment $421,053.

• Alan J. Siracusa, Sarasota, FL, David Siracusa, 7599 Healy Road, Auburn, and Genevieve Siracusa, 13 Densmore Ave., Auburn, to Karen A. Twomey, 5177 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 13 Densmore Ave., $152,000. Assessment $125,500.

• Peter J. Namisnak, 1792 Estate Drive, Farmington, as executor of the last will and testament of Edward P. Namisnak, to Kristen Mohan, 12 Westwood Drive, Auburn, property at 18 Center St., $145,000. Assessment $129,500.

• NECG Fingerlakes LLC, Northeast Capital Group, One Hillcrest Center, Suite 310, Spring Valley, to Daniel G. Kamin Fingerlakes LLC, Pittsburgh, PA, property at 1634 Clark St. Road, $4,888,888. Assessment $5,000,000.

• Patricia A. Cass, 6474 Basswood Road, Auburn, to Taffney A. Blowers, Milton, FL, property at 6474 Basswood Road, $0. Assessment $93,000.

• Dennis L. Cox and Tina J. Cox, 9961 Bonta Bridge Road, Jordan, to Jeremy D. Cox, Colorado Springs, CO, and Loni S. Blasier, 110 W. Heman St., East Syracuse, property at 9961 Bonta Bridge Road, $1. Assessment $110,600.

• Stephanie P. Crim, 6883 Chestnut Hill, Victor, and Wanda M. Crim, 2071 Emerson Road, Weedsport, to Jeffrey Hunter, 12042 Cummings Road, Cato, property at 10238 Egypt Road, $75,000. Assessment $64,500.

• Anthony J. Regulbuto, 6000 Sneller Road, Brewerton, to Kylia Rose Van Wyk, 23 Stirrup Trail, Pawling, property at 210 Fire Lane 16, $230,000. Assessment $123,000.

• Peter C. Wynkoop, 2560 Emerson Road, Weedsport, to Peter Fatcheric, New Port Richey, FL, property at 2560 Emerson Road, $250,000. Assessment $98,000.

• Karen A. Twomey, 5177 W. Lake Road, Auburn, to Christopher Yantch, 5151 W. Lake Road, Auburn, property at 5177 W. Lake Road, $380,000. Assessment $224,200.

• Randy J. Banas, 1981 Turnpike Road, Auburn, and Gary E. Banas, 624 Ritchey Boulevard, Penn Yan, to Thomas C. Banas, 3 Orchard Ave., Auburn, property at 5842 South St. Road, $0. Assessment $144,000.

• Michele Langevin, 4481 State Route 13 Apt. 2, Truxton, to Robert A. Langevin III, 1246 Oberon Drive, King Ferry, property at 1246 Oberon Drive, $0. Assessment $244,800.

• Charles A. Davis and Judy K. Davis, 3242 Blakley Road, Genoa, to Michael B. Davis, Brian J. Davis and Kathleen K. Lamphier, as trustees of the Charles and Judy Davis Irrevocable Trust, and Michael B. Davis, 3205 Blakley Road, Genoa, property at Sills Road, $0. Assessment $407,400.

• Cayuga Lake National Bank, 3 N. Cayuga St., Union Springs, to Christopher J. Thompson and Scott R. Trelease, 2441 Ledyard Road, Genoa, property at 8867 State Route 90, $32,000. Assessment $87,000.

• Renee A. Swan and Daniel R. Swan, 11978 Watkins Road, Cato, to Craig Korthas, 11 Woodview Drive, Parish, property at 11978 Watkins Road, $220,000. Assessment $130,300.

• Richard Wilson and Kaye Wilson, 3360 State Route 90, Aurora, as co-trustees of the Richard Wilson Revocable Trust and the Kaye Wilson Revocable Trust, to Kimberly J. Lucas, as trustee of the Marcia Sexton Irrevocable Trust, 2 Center St., Union Springs, property at 3360 State Route 90, $785,000. Assessment $358,300 and N/A.

• Littlejohn Farms LLC, 4019 Chase Road, Union Springs, and Nelson E. Littlejohn and Jean A. Littlejohn, 3943 State Route 34B, Union Springs, to Scipio Springs Dairy LLC, 2049 Mosher Road, Union Springs, part of 3933 Chase Road and properties at Wheeler Road, 4018 State Route 34B, 3966 State Route 34B, 3943 State Route 34B, and State Route 34B, $3,125214. Assessment N/A, $439,500, $510,300, N/A, $964,600 and $494,000.

• Kathleen F. McHugh, as executor of the last will and testament of Thomas Anthony McHugh III, 127 Yellow Barn Road, Freeville, to Frank Damen, Cincinnati, OH, property at 1022 Main St., $30,000. Assessment $35,000.

• Susan G. Mick, 35 Cedar St., Cortland, to Jesse Buchanan and Rachel S. Buchanan, 4874 Harris Hill Road, Locke, property at 4836 Harris Hill Road, $56,000. Assessment $36,900.

• Leon M. Martin and Thelma H. Martin, 7934 Laraway Road, Cayuga, to Leroy B. Horst Jr. and Cynthia J. Horst, 7660 State Route 90 North, Cayuga, property at 7660 State Route 90 North, $1,000,000. Assessment $489,000, $20,000 and $5,100.

• Joseph M. Ward, Davidson, NC, to Melvin R. Richardson and Tammy L. Richardson, 7547 Fosterville Road, Port Byron, property at 7547 Fosterville Road, $60,000. Assessment $49,400.

• Town of Moravia, 1630 State Route 38, P.O. Box 1146, Moravia, to Jessica Hess, 13 Keeler Ave., Moravia, property at 139 Main St., $25,025. Assessment $55,000.

• Christopher Dempsey, 125 Sears Road, Groton, to Christopher Dempsey and Diane M. Dempsey (same address), property at 515 Indian Cove, $0. Assessment $240,000.

• Katherine A. Marvin, 6 Galbraith Drive, Moravia, as trustee of the Marvin Living Trust, to Gordon J. Muirhead and Diane L. Muirhead, 61 S. Main St., Moravia, property at 6 Galbraith Drive, $150,000. Assessment $89,500.

• Penny S. Stoker, Berwyn, PA, as executrix under the last will and testament of Dorothy Jean Schenck (aka Dorothy J. Schenck), to Gregory Palmer, 3171 Oak Hill Road, Moravia, property at 4611 Hall Road, $330,000. Assessment $199,000.

• Laurie Haefele and Jacqueline Jones, 1934 Masters Road, Skaneateles, to SCS Classmates LLC (same address), property at 6489 Appletree Point Road, $0. Assessment $489,400.

• Lewis E. Springer II, Punta Gorda, FL, to Eric C. Springer, 3796 Corrigan Road, Moravia, property at 3796 Corrigan Road, $0. Assessment $457,000.

• Linda R. Roller, 3664 Honeysuckle Road, Auburn, to Catherine J. Linehan, 18 Madera Drive, Rochester, as trustee of the Linda R. Roller Irrevocable Trust, property at 3664 Honeysuckle Road, $0. Assessment $140,900.

• Thomas R. Bishop and Margaret N. Bishop, 3125 Barrington Way, Auburn, to Erin M. Gasper and Meghan E. Mizro, as co-trustees of the Thomas R. Bishop and Margaret N. Bishop Irrevocable Living Trust (same address), property at 3215 Barrington Way, $0. Assessment $290,600.

• Fred S. Seither Jr., 557 Guinnip Ave., Elmira, Mary Lee Oliver, 5362 Old Oneida Road, Verona, Rose Ann Hudson, 3081 CR 51, Hannacroix, and Cheri Lou Sagazie, 120 Tissal Road, Saugerties, to David S. Seither and Julie H. Seither, 108 E. Charlotte Ave., Palmyra, property at 8-10 Seither Loop, $400,000. Assessment $486,600.

• John H. Rayle (aka John Rayle) and Denise G. Rayle (aka Denise Rayle), 113 Kingston Road, Elbridge, to Silk Road Farms LLC (same address), property at 13412 McGibben Road and 13407 McGibben Road, $0. Assessment $23,600 and $73,700.

• Peter C. Warner, 14280 Acre Road, Sterling, to Peter C. Warner (same address) and Darlene Castro, 19282 Lloyd Road, Watertown, property at 14280 Acre Road, $1. Assessment $73,800.

• Glenn Anderson, 4444 Locust Ave., Homer, to Room Services I LLC (same address), property at 1162 Lake Como Road, $0. Assessment $72,900.

• Gregory A. Reed, 890 Cutler School Road, Cortland, as the executor of the last will and testament of Barbara M. Reed, to David S. Perreault, 1013 Lake Como Road, Cortland, property at Creech Road, $47,000. Assessment $36,100.

• County of Cayuga, 160 Genesee St., Auburn, to Town of Summerhill, 13606 State Route 90, Locke, property at 1159 Lake Como Road, $0. Assessment $65,500.

• Charles E. Ripley, 1418 Salt Road, Moravia, to Richard A. Tillotson and Nancy L. Tillotson, 5675 Skinner Hill Road, Moravia, property at 0 and 1210 Salt Road, $21,000. Assessment $17,300 and $18,000.

• Robert A. Guarnieri, 7213 Northrup Road, Auburn, to Robert A. Guarnieri Jr., 107 Main St., Port Byron, Michael Guarnieri, 177 Main St., Port Byron, Anthony Guarnieri, 4630 Phillips Road, Skaneateles Falls, and Nicole Clark, 3453 Miller Road, Auburn, property at 7213 Northrup Road, $0. Assessment $117,900.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau and Pew Research Center, there were 2.1 million new homeowners in 2020.

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