July 24, 2024

2209 Richland Mall sells for $4 million

MANSFIELD – This month’s property transfers included a significant address in Richland COunty, 2209 Richland Mall in Ontario.

It was sold for $4,095,000 to Ontario Mall, LLC from Richland Mall Holdings, LLC.

Below are the remainder of the property transfers provided by the Richland County Auditor’s Office.


1614 Cape Cod Drive; Husinger Builders, LLC to Carol A. Leather; $256,138.08

1907-1909 Bellwood Road; Rhinostar, LLC to Anthony J. Petrozzella and Rosa D. Petrozzella; $212,500

606-608 Bigelow Road; William L. Cruse to G2 Development, LLC; $180,000

373 Wayne St.; Rent Due, LLC to Always Easy Solutions, LLC; $22,900

375 Third Avenue; Rent Due, LLC to SACA Investments, LLP; $50,000

42 State St.; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to Gary Anderson, Jr.; $60,000

227 Malone Road; Estate of Janice E. Wick to Moon Property Holding Company, LLC; $62,000

139 Helen Ave.; Rent Due, LLC to CALVO OHIO, LLC; $20,000

179 Western Ave.; Rent Due, LLC to SACA Investments, LLP; $44,900

1444 North Lascerne Circle; Troy Jason Eichler and Emily Togliatti Eichler to Elmer Ray Thompson and Justin Thompson; $134,900

298 Central Ave.; Sherry Dee Bonnett, Successor Trustee of The Ronald H. Sowash Trust to Ignacio Gaytan; $55,000

511 King St.; Michael J. Bentley, Travis E. Bentley, Sonia R. Reddie nka Sonia Harper, and Freida Barth nka Freida Barnhart to Anna Harris; $30,000

State Route 13; Estate of Grant E. Milliron to Paul Horning and Linda Z. Horning; $80,000

147 Cliffbrook Drive; Sharon E. Rachel to Wendell L. Swartzentruber and Melody R. Swartzentruber, Co-Trustees; $0

142 Parkwood Blvd.; LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Zachary Robert Johnson and Kathryn Joy Johnson; $140,000

63 Stewart Ave.; LAJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to John C. Harsch and Kimberly R. Harsch; $99,900

238 Blymyer Ave.; Paul Duncan to Martin Carlos Barcelo and Jonathon Robert Hartzler; $119,000

710 Cloverleaf Court; The Cloverleaf Trust to Andrew K. Crane; $270,000

341 North Townview Circle; Stanley Jefferson and Shirley Jefferson to JAKSA Properties, LLC; $212,500

258 Third St.; RCHB 1, LLC to 3096 Willard, LLC; $67,000

172 Wolfe Ave.; Raymond O. Baker to Amanda L. Jones; $92,500

227 East Longview Ave.; Drew Clark to Massah Kopina; $5,000

652 Bowman St.; Rent Due, LLC to James Job; $31,900

431 Beryl Ave.; Rent Due, LLC to Richland Home Buyers, LLC; $72,000

17 W. Augustine Ave.; Rent Due, LLC to Kristipher D. Norris and Shannon D. Norris; $8,750

315 Hammond Ave; Rent Due, LLC to Joshua Dariano; $38,000

Scott Plew and Karen Knight, Successor Trustees of The Theresa R. Plew Revocable Living Trust to Jason R. Russon and April L. Russo; $314,000

93 Parkwood Blvd.; Quasar Life Group, LLC to Macle Rine and Travis Born; $225,000

155 Cherry Hill Road; Top Branch Properties, LLC to Partin Rentals, LLC; $90,000

452 Reed St.; Leslie L. Meininger to Brenda Minter-Floyd; $71,000

763 Dickson Pkwy.; Thomas M. Hatfield and Kristy N. Hatfield to Alyssa Biddle and Eric Biddle; $385,000

247 Parkway Drive; The Estate of Donald E. Scheidler to Travis Young; $72,000

96 Dawson Ave.; Vickie L. Salyers, Successor Trustee of The Helen M. Rosenbluh Trust to Jack M. Kastran; $97,000

1435 Park Avenue West; A.M Park Avenue West, Inc. to A&F Real Estate Group, LLC; $255,000

480 Glessner Ave; Thomas R. Heringhaus and Thomas R. & Theresa D. Heringhaus, Trustees to TD Dental Holdings, LLC; $150,000

480 Glessner Ave.; Thomas R. Heringhaus to TD Dental Holdings, LLC; $150,000

49 Wolfe Ave.; Rent Due, LLC to Matusa Properties, LLC; $36,505

316 Wayne St.; Rent Due, LLC to SACA Investments, LLP; $37,500

412 Woodland Ave.; Rent Due, LLC to SACA Investments, LLP; $30,000

701 Springmill St.; Rent Due, LLC to Carnardra M. Hunter; $10,000

146 South Main St.; Rent Due, LLC to Yellow Paint Properties, LLC; $95,500

574 W. 4th St.; Rent Due, LLC to CALVO OHIO, LLC; $38,000

522 Midland Drive; Steven Rowe and Skylar Rene Rowe to Mark Stacy and Claudia Stacy; $193,000

519 S. Diamond St.; 3 Roses Property Management, LLC to Metese Rentals 5, LLC; $36,500

201 Bennett St.; Alvey Benjamin Shaffer, Jr. to Jacklynn Riedel and DayVin Jon Hagemann; $119,000

751 Armstrong St.; Cody Thompson aka Cody A. Thompson to Casey Joseph Canfora; $68,500

689 Arlington Ave.; KeyBank, National Association to Fosdlnovo, LLC; $55,000

422 Louis St.; Erin Brady and Brenda Brady to Jeffrey Rhinehart and Catherine I. Rhinehart; $91,850

547 Diriam Lane; Edward L. Eldridge and Mary K. Eldridge to Courtney Eldridge, Ryan Eldridge, and Jon Kelso; $300,000

662 Park Avenue East; AJI Properties of Mansfield, LLC to Anthony Buffenbarger; $132,000

487 Grace St.; Kyle A. Lewis to Tri-O’s Treats, LLC; $88,000

147 West Fifth St.; Rent Due, LLC, Receiver to ADM Ownership, LLC; $25,000

192 Whittler Road; Joshua L. Hockman and Jennifer Lynn Hockman to Roger Sneeringer and Janet Sneeringer; $52,000

1013 Laurelwood Road; Richland Home Buyers, LLC to T. Carl Dye, trustee of the 1013 Laurelwood Trust; $176,000

357 Opal Drive; Cynthia Mackenzie and Bruce D. Mackenzie to Blake N. Armstrong; $79,900

282-286 Bartley Ave.; Austin Alsept to Breanna Rossman; $150,000

272 Home Ave.; Joshua Mathias to Donald Edward Mills, Jr.; $54,000

417 Fairlawn Ave.; Zachary A. Dollish to Payton Kirk; $95,000

595 Darbydale Road; Brian K. Chapman to Joel A. Willoughby and Cheyenne M. Willoughby; $159,500

1581 Thistle Court; Mike Atkeson to MIPROP, LLC; $38,000

Brushwood Drive; Kurt Stimens, Trustee of The Kurt Stimens Revocable Living Trust to 40North, LLC; $75,000

Brushwood Drive; 40North, LLC to Artisan Investments, LLC; $125,000

V/L, Glenleigh Blvd.; Blue Door Development Group, LLC to A&A Atkeson Family Holdings, LLC; $70,000

219 West 5th St.; Kortni Dockstader and Raymond Bond to Vitality Investments, Inc.; $5,000

31 Chilton Ave.; Michael Workman and Jeanne M. Workman to Mabuhay Bahay, LLC; $30,000

353 Wood St.; Rent Due, LLC to Sue Ann Marie Rasar; $30,000

106 Vennum Ave.; Nest Flippers, LLC to Lori Zeigler; $136,200

8 Dunbilt Ct.; Robert Holland and Paula Ana Liston to Toyia M. Majors; $0

62 E. Raleigh Ave.; Brian P. Glover and Faith A. Glover to Gloriana Adams and Alexander Adams; $142,900

767 Grace St.; Jesse L. Carsey, Sr. and Karene S. Carsey to Michael Police; $149,350

320 Hammond Ave.; Linda Beal to Shyairia R. Freeman; $15,995

609 Highland Ave.; Samuel G. Stahike to Peter Morris and Mary Morris; $173,000

150 Ridgewood Blvd.; Dennis G. Mittelstadt to Dalice Stanklewicz; $132,000

637 Barnard Ave.; Kevin Bransted to Tony Bloomfield and Leon Frink; $169,900

163 Oxford Ave.; Stephen C. Bear to James Williamson; $3,331.74

46 Rowland Ave.; Jody R. Lykins and Pamela L. Lykins to Kathryn J. Schmidt; $0

24 Junction St.; James E. Pritchard to S.F.A.N.G.U., LLC; $0

583 Diriam Lane; Purushottam R. Patel and Anandi P. Patel to Shane Klenk; $210,000

1086, 1088 Donal Drive; Southend Properties Mansfield, LLC to John Brown; $197,500

Newman St.; Jerry D. Holsinger, Jr. to Brier Lee Thompson; $0

1313-1315 Knapp Road; The Ward Irrevocable Heritige Trust to Partin Rentals, LLC; $160,000

125 West Blanche St.; Tien F. Change and Mary Yun-ing Chang to Ashley Nichole Morris; $85,000


190 Hilltop Road; Kathryn Elnselen, aka Kathryn W. Elnselen to Kelm Home Improvements, LLC; $150,000

1987 South Willowood Drive; Austin James Vehrs to John Pavlansky; $119,340

75 Rudy Road; James D. Lakey to Sol Properties Northeast, LLC; $163,125

1190 Cobblefield Drive; The Lloyd W. Feick and Shirley J. Feick Revocable Living Trust to Joyce Elder; $229,900

131 Maple Lane; James K. Little to Shelby Smith; $230,000

2036 Willowood Drive South; Brent J. Allen to 1971 W. Fourth, LLC; $135,000

1340 N. Lexington-Springmill Road; Ontario Lexington-Springmill, LLC to Realty Income Properties 18, LLC; $4,289,260

2387 Ferguson Road; Curtis G. Nunnery and Courtney M. Nunnery to Gary L. Haverfield and Tamara D. Haverfield; $376,000

603 W. Fourth St.; Herbert H. Campbell, III to Jackson Edward DeBolt; $25,800

498 Shelby Ontario Road; Amy Law, Executor of the Estate of Nancy E. Croyle to Keith Alan Karchella, Jr. and Miranda Jeanette Christen; $250,000

1025 Elizabeth Ave.; Dominick Strassell and Samantha Strassell to Cassandra M. Amick and Ralph JM Amick; $275,000

2799 Lexington Steam Corners; Chad M. Linkous and Sunshine A. Linkous to Ray G. Roark ad Pamela R. Roark; $351,900


40 East Main St.; Charles E. Roub, Jr. and Constance M. Roub to 40 East Main Street, LLC; $125,000

V/L, Sherman Ave.; Timothy J. LaBarge and Richard L. LaBarge to Charley C. Hall, Jr. and Judy A. Hall; $7,000

52 North Gamble St.; Monique C. Hypes to Scott L. Jennings; $74,500

35 West End Blvd.; Joseph C. Schell and Susan F. Schell to Carter A. Bishop; $132,222

35 Florida Ave.; Christine Hicks to Rebecca E. Lysinger; $100,000

92 Helen Ave.; Korev One, LLC to Ricardo Alvarez Martinez; $22,000

155 Main St.; Matthew F. Miller and Jill V. Miller to Ezekial A. Johnson and Magdalene R. Johnson; $125,000

4 West Park Drive; Renee D. Russell to Elijah G. Tilton; $0

155 Main St.; Matthew F. Miller and Jill V. Miller to Ezekiel A. Johnson and Magdalene R. Johnson; $125,000

33 Sunset Drive; Dinsmore Property, LLC to Tony J. Moon and Farrah D. Fuller; $0

90 West Main St.; The Samuel G. Roush Trust to Soggy Dollar Properties, LLC; $0


198 Highland Drive; Lisa Grassbaugh, Executor of the Estate of Richard Lee Greer to G. Jane Eshelman; $200,750


V/L, Braton Drive; John P. Hoffman and Ruth A. Hoffman to Jason Herrington and Elizabeth Herrington; $60,000

278 Hampton Road; James G. Mudra, Trustee of The Mudra Keystone Inheritance Trust to Renee D. Russell; $210,000

68 Devon Road; Roy A. Leedy and Mae Nar Leedy to Warren H. Hargo, III and Latorrey K. Hargo; $245,000


V/L, State Route 61; Jane K. Kennard and Lisa L. Holmes to Ammon N. Burkholder and Julia Z. Burkholder; $32,500

412 Plymouth St.; Randal Stephens and Kimberly L. Stephens to Hunter J. Schaub; $385,000

4278 Hazel Brush Road; Sue E. Miller to Matthew F. Miller and Jill V. Miller; $0

68 Trux St.; Theada Tuttle to Michael D. Hammock; $69,000

31 Birchfield St.; James R. Channing and Karen J. Channing to Mallory Regula; $109,000


23 Prospect St.; Mark Wingrove and Robin Wingrove to MTHR Limited; $30,300


505 St. Rt. 603 West Shiloh; Charles D. Miller to Robert A. Jones and Tuesday M. Howard; $72,000

7848 Amstutz Road; Linus H. Zimmerman and Rachel B. Zimmerman to Pamela K. Tetrault; $460,000


5495 Franklin Church Road; John K. Lyon to Christopher Sherk; $45,000

2511 Crum Road; Judith M. Bernhard to Kyle W. Bernhard and Jennifer L. Bernhard; $107,575.26


1156 Boyce Road; Miranda J. Gallaway to Collette Decker; $113,500

3859 Ganges Five Points Road; Sean B. Roub and Whitney A. Roub to Colton Dean Johnson and Lauren Johnson; $315,000


2902 State Route 39; Ryan P. Schroeder and Jennifer A. Schroeder to John A. Guisinger, III; $18,333


6974 Garber Road; Melissa VanPelt to Derek Smith and Summer Smith; $234,900

1008 Ross Road; David F. Landoll and Gwendolyn R. Landoll to Brice L. Berger; $0

939 Bellville-Johnsville Road; Chamberlain 5 Properties, LLC to Jenna Diane Horn and David Patrick Horn; $70,000


1116 North Stewart Road; Patricia L. Miller to Steven A. Ackerman and Amy M. Ackerman; $234,900

1081 Fifth Ave.; Trustees of the Mansfield Freewill Baptist Church, aka Mansfield Free Will Baptist Church to Fifth Avenue Free Will Baptist Church; $4,000

1081 Fifth Ave.; Loyd R. Conn and Ricky O. Pelfrey, Sr. Trustees of Fifth Avenue Free Will Baptist Church to Faith Revivals, Inc.; $8,000

437 Annadale Ave.; Andrew Steven Hawk to Luke J. Brown; $155,000

1338 Park Avenue East; Shannon Stanley to Adam Hylton and Meghan Stanley; $50,000

1460-1462 Barbara Lane; Mansfield Airport Warehousing, Ltd. to Garrett J. Troupe; $200,000

894 Sunset Drive; Cassandra C. Erhart to Simpson Homes, LLC; $68,000

Mansfield Washington Road; Donald R. Morris and Sarah L. Morris to Steven J. Herr and Tera M. Herr; $60,000

828 Hoover Road; Rent Due, LLC to Scott Hoak; $65,000

1203 Belmont Ave.; Pawnee Avenue Development, LLC to Mary Jo Hoose; $20,060

1144 Crestwood Drive; Rick Kigar, Private Selling Officer to David Wm. Keller, Trustee; $118,400

1144 Crestwood Drive; Rick Kigar, Selling Officer to David Wm. Keller, Trustee; $118,400

38 Walker Avenue North; Matthew D. Burrell to Isaac D. Burrell; $50,000

393 Parry Ave.; Brian Scott Burggraf, Jr. to Tyler Green; $118,000

1597 Grace St.; George H. Parkison and Christine L. Parkison to Robert Hipfl; $182,000

1121 Grace St.; RXPlus Renovate, LLC to Nick Isiah Robey; $0


235 Fitting Ave.; Brice L. Berger to Gary L. Sansom; $0

1.1787 acres, vacant land, Wolf Road; Daniel G. Harp and Laurie L. Harp to Dustin A. Day and Kacie D. Day; $10,000

Crimson Road; Roger D. Cook and Pamela L. Cook to Michael D. Cook and Jennifer L. Cook, Co-Trustees; $293,180


2269 Eckert Road; Thomas A. Harris to Jeff Duda and Chelsea Duda; $595,000


2261 Alta West Road; Stanley P. Kemerling, Jr. and Tamara L. Kemerling to Chelsea Barla and Joshua Barla; $448,000

3896 Snodgrass Road; Juanita L. Walker to Cascade Funding Mortgage Trust HB11; $127,387.85

773 State Route 314 S.; Myron L. Hartman and Tammy K. Hartman to Robert Junior Kendrick and Cindy Ann Kendrick; $415,500

1927 Lexington-Springmill Road; Heidi C. McGinty nka Heidi C. Black to James T. McClellan and Crystal McClellan; $139,050

0 Springfield Circle; Benjamin S. Hall and Bryan M. Hall to Brent Christopher Smith and Brandy Annette Smith; $129,900

315 Maple Lane; Benjamin Dyson, Carrie Blanco fka Carrie Dyson and Michael Dyson to Desiree A. Stoy and Timothy F. Stoy; $237,000

1114 Brookdale Drive; Donald A. Mayes and Teresa M. Mayes to Logan M. Minnich and Jennifer M. Minnich; $260,000


2185 Clear Fork Drive; Julie Baker and Patrick Baker to Anthony J. Anderson and Jessica Lee Anderson; $526,072


4093 Possum Run Road; Derek Smith and Summer Smith to Jayson VanPelt and Melissa VanPelt; $160,000

592 Cliffside Drive; Bel Kay, LLC to Alex Colby Carrol and Destine Carroll; $296,235

1300 Middle Bellville Road; Hull Properties, LLC to Ninnens and Things, LLC; $310,000

V/L, Vanderbilt Road; Michael A. Bletz and Michelle L. Bletz to Thomas L. Ruckman and Terry K. Ruckman; $3,000

653 Fuhrer Ave.; Jesse A. Carithers to Frank Jones and Megan Yoder; $181,000

1321 Kings Corners Road East; Jesse J. Bolden and Marl J. Bolden to Clifford Bowen; $154,000


4835 State Route 545; Darren P. Eller and Clayton L. Harper, by PSO to Kelly Farragher; $48,500

V/L, Conard Road; Tyler Botdorf ad Ashlea Botdorf to Jacob Smith and Tawee Smith; $30,000


6432 Bunkerhill South Road; Samuel H. Mast and Laura E. Mast to Kenneth L. Aurand; $319,900

5545 Teeter Road; The Michael and Wilma Chillemi LIving Trust to David R. Cyphers; $219,000

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