Living Akamai: Mortgage Information and Financing Your Home

Living Akamai: Mortgage Information and Financing Your Home



Returning to Living Akamai, Nelson Oyadomari, Regional Branch Manager of Primary Residential Mortgage, joins Kay Mukaigawa to share mortgage information and advice on how to finance your home. With higher interest rates as compared to the last few years, Oyadomari advises those looking to buy a home or investment property will need to get preapproval from their lender to buy now.

Oyadomari speaks on the building of generational wealth and how to get started if you are new to the real estate game. Your first purchase gets you one step closer to cementing a foundation of wealth through real estate value. He cautions that if you wait, you could lose out on appreciation with your properties that could see significant increases in monetary value as close as a year from now.

These lending programs are available to benefit a multitude of people from varying backgrounds. Oyadomari gives and example on how to qualify for specific loans even if you are self-employed, and he even reassures that a lower credit score does not disqualify you from joining loan programs. However there are certain guidelines that must be followed and an assessment from your lender which could be overwhelming.

But the regional branch manager wants you to know that Primary Residential Mortgage is offering both in-person and zoom workshops this month with more information. If you have any questions or want more information about their workshops call Engel & Volkers at 808-725-2000.

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