Charlie Hustle raising money for rental, mortgage relief

Charlie Hustle raising money for rental, mortgage relief

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — During the fall of 2020, Robert and Anna Saunders lost their jobs in the food service industry. As parents of three children, they knew the fate that awaited them.

“We had never experienced it before,” Anna Saunders said. “We didn’t know what it was going to be like to not be able to provide their home. And not be able to provide them with anything.”

As Christmas loomed, the Saunders discussed what their holiday season would look like with their children.

“That was a rough one,” Robert Saunders said. “To sit the kids down and let them know there wouldn’t be that many presents or gifts for Christmas because we had to handle bills.”

On one sleepless night, Anna held her daughter in her lap as she applied for mortgage relief from 1k for KC, a new Charlie Hustle initiative.

Saunders didn’t tell her husband and forgot she had applied until they got a call from Charlie Hustle one evening.

“Such relief,” Anna said. “Oh my gosh, the level of relief was insanity.”

While less animated in his response, Robert said he felt a weight lifted.

“It was kind of a breakdown moment,” he said. “It was like, we really needed this and it was an answer to a prayer.”

In 2020, Charlie Hustle helped more than 100 local families with rent and mortgage assistance. The company has helped pulled many people and families out of evictions and foreclosure.

Founder and CEO Chase McAnulty said they planned for a bigger campaign this year.

“I knew that we had a platform that could help,” McAnulty said. “This is definitely a giving town and community.”

In its inaugural year, 1k for KC raised $360,000 for local families, surpassing their goal by $110,000.

The Saunders were just one of more than 100 beneficiaries. Their appreciation spelled out on the shirt Robert chose to wear to our interview, a Charlie Hustle heart t-shirt.

“What you do is just full hearted,” Anna said. “And that’s beautiful. That’s what the world needs.”

You can donate or nominate on the 1k for KC website. Applications open Tuesday, October 11 at 8 a.m.

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