July 23, 2024

BluePoint Mortgage Deploys OptifiNow’s CRM Software

BluePoint Mortgage, a wholesale mortgage lender based in Southern California, is using OptifiNow, a provider of CRM software geared for mortgage lenders, to manage its outbound sales process and empower its account executives to proactively engage with brokers.

The slowdown in the mortgage industry has forced wholesale lenders to adjust their strategies and emphasize a more proactive approach to sales.

Recognizing the need for a robust CRM solution, BluePoint Mortgage chose OptifiNow as their preferred solution provider.

“We knew that OptifiNow has a good track record with other wholesale lenders,” says Mark Matta, chief operating officer and managing director of BluePoint Mortgage, in a release. “They showed us a CRM that already has features we could use right away, instead of having to build it ourselves.”

The OptifiNow TPO platform provides BluePoint Mortgage with a comprehensive set of tools to streamline their sales and engagement processes. The platform provides easy access to broker account and contact information, enabling account executives to connect with brokers more effectively and efficiently.

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