DPI studying investment opportunities in Egypt, plans to invest $150m

DPI studying investment opportunities in Egypt, plans to invest $150m

Development Partners International (DPI) is studying a number of investment opportunities in Egypt after quitting B.TECH at the beginning of this month, according to sources that spoke to Daily News Egypt.

They added that DPI is choosing between two to three investment opportunities in the retail and consumer goods sectors with the aim of choosing one of them during the coming period.

Furthermore, they said that the company will inject investments worth $150 to 200m in Egypt, pointing out that the office of Matouk Bassiouny and partners will serve as its legal adviser in its upcoming deals in Egypt.

Additionally, they pointed out that DPI’s investment life in the invested companies ranges between five to seven years and it will be evaluating the investment results on an annual basis, noting that it aims to impart more corporate governance and sustainability to the companies in which it invests and that it is targeting companies with high growth rates.

DPI announced on 3 October the sale of ADP II’s significant minority stake in B.TECH.

ADP II’s exit comes following a successful partnership with B.TECH, during which the business has accelerated its digital transformation efforts and cemented its position as the leading omnichannel retailer operating at scale in Egypt.

DPI is a private investment firm with approximately $3bn in assets under management and co-investments across three funds, targeting high growth, impactdriven, and innovation-led companies in Africa.

The compnay has three funds, African Development Partners I, II, and III (ADP I, ADP II, and ADP III).

Since DPI was founded in 2007, its ADP funds have completed 29 investments in 22 companies across the continent and its portfolio companies.

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