July 24, 2024

Coppel Spearheads Mexican E-commerce, investing MX$660M to establish a Digital Campus

Grupo Coppel is spearheading the digital transformation in Mexican retail, driven by a significant investment plan and innovative strategies. As the e-commerce market in Mexico continues to flourish, Coppel is capitalizing on this growth with an ambitious 40 billion peso investment aimed at extensive expansion and technological enhancement by 2024. This includes opening 350 new Coppel and Coppel Canada stores, remodeling 385 branches, and advancing their digital loan services through software development.

In response to the booming digital buyer base, which now exceeds 63 million people, Coppel has been integrating digital kiosks in over 1,750 stores nationwide. These kiosks have revolutionized customer interaction, allowing for convenient online browsing, payment, and direct home delivery of products. As a result, digital sales surged to 8% of Coppel’s total sales in 2022, with a significant portion through in-store kiosks. The company’s strategy also focuses on inclusive digitalization, making technology accessible across socioeconomic segments and empowering employees to become digital ambassadors.

Furthering its commitment to innovation, Grupo Coppel has invested 660 million pesos to establish a Digital Campus, a software factory designed to strengthen digital loans and other financial services. This modern hub, housing 2,200 programmers, develops 80% of the software for Coppel’s retail, banking, and pension units and supports operations in Mexico and Argentina. The campus not only underscores Coppel’s pioneering history in technology usage but also serves as a collaborative space for rapid and innovative solution development.

As Coppel continues to evolve its retail model, the company aims to increase its online sales share from 8 to 20%. Investments in technology, such as panels and digital tools, support this target, enhancing online loan services and payment systems. The digital loans through online store, mobile app, and WhatsApp already account for a significant portion of the company’s lending activities, indicating customers’ increasing preference for digital solutions.

With its substantial investments, inclusive approach to digitalization, and relentless pursuit of technological innovation, Grupo Coppel is not just adapting to the changing retail landscape but actively shaping it. As the company prepares for further expansion into new markets and deeper integration of digital services, its impact on the retail and e-commerce sectors is set to grow even more significantly.

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