Olmsted Township trustees spending portion of ARPA funds on tree and road projects

Olmsted Township trustees spending portion of ARPA funds on tree and road projects

OLMSTED TOWNSHIP, Ohio — As part of the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, Olmsted Township received $706,000.

Recently the trustees announced plans to spend $90,000 for a tree/sidewalk project in the Breezewood neighborhood.

“There are very mature trees in this neighborhood, the oldest in the township, that are creating a hazardous situation on adjacent sidewalk as roots invade and cause uneven pavement,” Olmsted Township Trustee Jeanene Kress said.

“We developed a program to remove trees in the most compromised areas, grind the stump, replace sidewalks adjacent to the tree and replant a more suitable alternative.”

So far roughly 40 trees have been identified with residents notified about the work that is expected to begin soon with removal and stump grinding followed by sidewalk replacement and tree planting in the spring.

“This project will improve one of the oldest neighborhoods in Olmsted Township by replacing trees and sidewalks that fell into disrepair over time,” Trustee Riley A. Alton said.

“This project tells the community that this board cares and is committed to moving us forward. We know there’s more work to do to enhance walkability across the township and we are up to the challenge.”

Kress noted the project not only is in line with residents desiring connectivity and walkability but also mirrors the township’s 2013 Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency Transportation for Livable Communities Initiative plan, 2013′s master plan for land use and the 2019 comprehensive plan.

“These are all foundational documents that have set the vision and plan for the township as expressed by our residents,” Kress said.

The township — using $460,000 in ARPA funding — recently finished the resurfacing of Homestead and Oakridge drives in the Brentwood neighborhood.

“We also completed an ADA sidewalk ramp project mainly in the Villages of Lakeside and Hunters Ridge to ensure safe walking passage throughout the community for persons of all abilities,” Kress said.

“We received a $50,000 Cuyahoga County grant and are using another $50,000 of general fund monies to complete this project.”

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