Missouri voters to decide how state funds should be allocated

Missouri voters to decide how state funds should be allocated


The Missouri Constitution has several possible amendments up for a vote next week. Amendment 1 would change the way state funds are allocated, if passed.

Amendment 1 was added to the ballot through a House Joint Resolution, which is when lawmakers vote to add a question to the ballot.

On the ballot, Amendment 1will read:

Do you want to amend the Missouri constitution to:

Allow the general assembly to override the current constitutional restrictions of state investments by the state treasurer;

And allow state investments in municipal securities possessing one of the top five highest long-term ratings or the highest short-term rating?

“If amendment one passes, the legislature can make that change without going to the people for their permission,” Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said.

Right now, the state treasurer has to hold a vote from the general public to change the use of state money. If passed, Amendment 1 would change that to allow the Missouri House of Representatives and Missouri Senate to make those decisions instead of a vote.

“I’m a limited-government guy,” Ashcroft said. “I believe that we, the people, are supposed to be in charge.”

Ashcroft is not a fan, but State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick supports the measure. Fitzpatrick’s office pursued adding the measure to the ballot in an effort to invest the COVID-19 money the state has received.

The ballot will have a short summary of all the amendments, but for a more in-depth explanation, you can head to the Secretary of State’s website or ABC 17’s Your Voice Your Vote 2022 guide.

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