July 22, 2024

Michigan Lead Pipe Replacement Funds 2024

Washington — Michigan will receive about $62 million in federal funds for lead pipe replacements, the Environmental Protection Agency announced Thursday.

The funds are part of the latest round of lead service line replacement allotments for states from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which passed in 2021.

“The science is clear, there is no safe level of lead exposure, and the primary source of harmful exposure in drinking water is through lead pipes,” said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan. “President Biden understands it is critical to identify and remove lead pipes as quickly as possible.”

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan.

Lead leaching from pipes into drinking water is an issue nationwide, though it is especially salient in Michigan, where the Flint water crisis became an infamous example of government failing to protect people from environmental health hazards.

Last week marked the 10-year anniversary of the start of the Flint water crisis, which began when the city began using improperly treated water from the Flint River.

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