Malcolm Fun Run raises funds for new ball fields

Malcolm Fun Run raises funds for new ball fields

Malcolm, Neb. (KLKN) — Over 250 candy-hungry runners gathered at Malcolm’s Fire and Rescue Station this morning to get their fix of sweets.

Those 12 and under, prepared to take to the streets to run a mile in a marathon-like fashion. But this time the water stations here were replaced by the seasonally correct trick-or-treat stations.

“All the kids get really, really excited and they get ready to take off,” said event coordinator Tera Heidtbrink.

Local residents dressed in their best costumes sprinted from the starting line making their way to the first stop

“It’s quite funny,” said Heidtbrink. “A lot of them will even bypass the candy stations and just run.”

She said the event was all about having fun.

The Fun Run which has been held for the past six years is working toward updating the local ball fields in town.

“We do this to raise money,” said Heidtbrink. “We are adding on two new ball fields and we’re not done yet but it’s starting to look really good.”

Kenny E. Deinert Feild will be one of the additions added to the city’s ball field with construction nearly done.

“We in the Malcolm community have about 15 teams that are trying to use one ball field every spring and summer,” said Heidtbrink.

She said that the current field is built to accommodate baseball but not softball.

Along with adding a field more equipped to handle softball, the parking lot is being expanded to help get cars off the side roads.

“There is still some fundraising that needs to be done,” said Heidtbrink.

Other events in the Malcolm area plan to help finish off the field in the future.

To make a donation toward the new ball field click here.


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