July 22, 2024

Fiery Arts Sale funds ceramics glass blowing programs – The Campanile

The annual Winter Fiery Arts Sale, a fundraiser for the Glassblowing and Ceramics classes, took place in the arts building Dec. 8 – 9 and featured works from students enrolled in the Fiery Arts Program.

Junior Raz Mazor-Hoofien said half of the proceeds of each object sold go to the program’s funding.

“It’s important for us to keep our facilities alive, have instructors come in and keep on adding materials so we can keep on making art,” MazorHoofien said.

Mazor-Hoofien also said the fundraiser is unique because it is studentproduced and has a festive focus for the holidays.

“You can buy a lot of really cool glass ornaments and candy canes,” Mazor-Hoofien said. “And a lot of
ceramic students also make ceramic (sculptures and dinnerware), which can be a really good gift.”

Junior Abigail Wolf said she created numerous works of art to prepare for the fundraiser.

“I made a lot of cups and bowls to sell,” Wolf said. “I also did a little bit of glassblowing along with other
students to make ornaments and candy canes.”

Wolf said that her favorite part of the fundraiser is seeing the community support the program and
enjoy the art.

“It’s also really fun to help sell the items and show the community what glassblowing and ceramics are and show them the techniques we use to make all the pieces they enjoy,” Wolf said.

Mazor-Hoofien said the fundraiser is an also opportunity for artists to not only sell their work but also showcase their talent to the community.

“I think we’ve gotten a lot of support from people just coming by and enjoying the art,” Mazor-Hoofien said. “And at a certain point, there’s value in seeing art even if you’re not purchasing it for yourself.”

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