eBay Suspends Seller and Withholds Funds but Won’t Say Why

eBay Suspends Seller and Withholds Funds but Won’t Say Why

Sun Oct 30 2022 10:26:52

By: Reader

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Dear Ina, 

I have an issue with eBay account. I am a long-time eBay seller (for over fifteen years). Recently I received a suspension of my account out of nowhere, with no warnings or no explanation whatsoever. I asked them why my account was suspended and they refused to say. 

After dozens of calls, I keep getting hanged up on or the same exact “your account has been permanently restricted from selling because of activity we believe was putting the eBay community at risk” answer repeated over and over again. 

I uploaded my ID and my bank statements as they requested, with mountains of receipts for everything I sold within the past three months on where I got it from. However, they still shut my account down. 

They are holding $1000 and refusing to release them which came from items I sold but still did not receive the payout on. 

After exhausting every option to release my funds and get an answer for why my account was restricted, I simply have no good explanation and would love to get help perhaps or my story published to warn others that they can hold your money for no reason. 

I relied on eBay and most of my income came from it, I now have expensive electronics that I have nowhere to sell because eBay was my major source. I get absolutely no help and no explanation about what would happen with my money. I would love to get help or an answer and that they release my funds.


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