July 24, 2024

County Board approves funds transfer for County Court, Sheriff’s Office

Scotts Bluff County Commissioners this week approved shifting some money in the county general fund to help two agencies stay in the black during the current fiscal year.

Management Accountant Lisa Rien explained to the Board that the General Fund budget had a $200,000 line item intended as a reserve to keep agency budgets on track if needed.

Rien explained why the first recommendation was additional money for the county court. “We have the court appointed attorneys (for indigent defendants). That’s why I’m sure I think we moved $120,000 to this point (last year),” said Rien. “It’s simply wishful thinking that the fees will be less, and then were just as high. So we need to move $110,000 from general fund to county court.”

Also part of the discussion was $20,000 for the Sheriff’s Office, which had to pay for extra vehicles due to accidents, and started the fiscal year with a budget quite a bit lower than was originally requested. Both Rien and Sheriff Mark Overman noted that the additional funding might not be needed, since the agency is down slightly on staffing, but it would be better to have the money available just in case.

Commissioners approved the line-item transfers on a unanimous vote.

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