July 23, 2024

Council appropriates funds for Fire Station 11 Project – The Suffolk News-Herald

Council appropriates funds for Fire Station 11 Project

Published 4:18 pm Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Funding from the Route 17 Special Taxing District Committed Fund Balance has been approved for appropriation toward the College Drive Fire Station project. During their Consent Agenda hearing at the Wednesday, Dec. 6 council meeting, Suffolk City Council voted to approve the transfer of $2.6 million from the balance toward the Capital Projects Fund to support the ongoing Station 11 construction. City Manager Albert S. Moor II gave details of the transfer.

“The funds are for the major systems components, including HVAC equipment, audio/visual systems, cabling and computers, utility relocation, furniture and fixtures, [utility] tap fees and project management costs,” Moor said. “Adoption of this ordinance will increase the revenues and expenditures of the FY 2023-2024 Route 17 Special Taxing District Funds and Capital Projects Fund by $2.6 million.”

Other consent agenda items approved included ordinances to accept funds from the Virginia Department of Transportation Safety Highway Improvement Program for four repair projects: The Carolina Road Diet project, providing construction improvements to Carolina Rd such as sidewalks and turn lanes from Dill Rd to Fayette St, receives $256,184 in funding while the Curve Warning Study project, which conducts an engineering study determining the need for both curve warning signs and traffic control devices, receives $91,594. The Holland Road project, which allows for the installation of rumble strips on outside shoulders on a portion of Holland Road, receives $41,503 in funding while the State of Good Repair Program, providing repayments on Whaleyville Blvd, saw $1,499,327 with a transfer of $289,843 toward the project. The latter’s ordinance adoption increases the revenues and expenditures of the FY 2023-2024 Capital Projects Fund budget by 1,499,327 while transferring the local cash match of $289,843 from the Roadway Maintenance Fund into the CPF budget.

Other approved items included the Commonwealth’s Development Opportunity Fund providing $120,000 to support the Economic Development Investment Program for Acesur North America, Inc., the Virginia State Budget providing $7,548,629 toward Suffolk Public Schools with $5,798,468 being used for tutoring, literacy and attendance support and $1,750,161 toward a State-mandated two percent pay increase for school personnel starting on Jan. 1 next year. Likewise, an ordinance to amend Chapter 86, Article V of the City Code for typographical errors and authorize the City Attorney’s office to prosecute appeals in Circuit Court was approved.

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