What the Future Voices of Personal Finance All Have in Common

What the Future Voices of Personal Finance All Have in Common

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To break through the noise on social media and bring your brilliant idea to fruition, you need more than great content or a fancy logo. You need passion. Intention. Purpose.

Purpose is the common denominator for the honorees of NextUp, NextAdvisor’s inaugural list of the 25 most influential new voices in money. NextUp is a collection of the online creators making the biggest impact in the world of personal finance. No matter what your money idea may be, there’s something to learn from this inspiring list.

About the List

Some of the honorees are certified financial planners or professional advisors. Others are entrepreneurs or side hustlers. There are bloggers, podcasters, authors, and coaches. All of them share a clear purpose grounded in their lived experiences, and they’re brave enough to share that personal motivation with their audience.

Within the online financial world, audiences don’t just want authority. They also want relatability. If you have a clear reason for creating a business and establishing a platform, customers want to hear about that — and they want to hear about it directly from you.

As you scroll through the NextUp list, find the honorees who are most inspiring to you, and see what you can learn from their story and purpose. With an incredible group of people like this, we know you’ll connect with at least one of them.

We’re popping the proverbial (and perhaps some real) champagne here at NextAdvisor to celebrate this launch. Join us in amplifying the new voices of money.

Check out the full list of NextUp honorees here.

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