Recent Grad: ‘My Finance Degree from the University Continues to Pay Dividends’

Recent Grad: ‘My Finance Degree from the University Continues to Pay Dividends’

As a Charger, Nyhsere Woodson ’21 excelled in the classroom and on the gridiron. Then he began his career in finance at FactSet, a leading financial data company. He recently started a new position as an analyst at Carlyle, a global investment firm, enabling him to continue to apply what he learned in the classroom.

October 19, 2022

By Renee Chmiel, Office of Marketing and Communications

Nyhsere Woodson ’21 earned his bachelor’s degree in finance.
Nyhsere Woodson ’21 earned his bachelor’s degree in finance.

Nyhsere Woodson ’21 has always been curious about how companies manage their money and investing. He became particularly interested in the field as a sophomore at the University of New Haven, learning as much as he could and reading the Wall Street Journal each day.

Woodson, who earned his bachelor’s degree in finance, had a job lined up with FactSet, a global financial data and technology company headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, when he graduated. He calls working for the company, with which the University has a collaboration that endeavors to increase diversity in the finance industry, an “incredible experience.”

“My manager helped me get accustomed to the financial world and helped set the standard of excellence,” he said. “He also pushed me to learn and grow as a professional. From my position at FactSet, I learned how to solve complex issues and provide creative solutions. FactSet taught me how to think outside the box and allowed me to sharpen my communication skills.”

Those skills are now serving Woodson well in his new position at Carlyle, a global investment firm. He is an analyst on the direct lending operations team in Global Credit Fund Management, and his responsibilities include facilitating the deal execution process for privately held assets as well as forecasting and managing cash across accounts.

“I enjoy working with many teams and being exposed to the deal process as a whole and on a large scale,” said Woodson, who is based in the company’s Manhattan office. “I am challenged daily, and Carlyle creates an environment that encourages growth. My favorite part about finance is that the markets are dynamic and force you to be on your toes. The work tends to be more project/deal based, so it keeps me engaged.”

‘Don’t be afraid to push yourself’

Woodson says his time at the University was invaluable in preparing him to excel in the field. He cites three of his professors – Leah Hartman, J.D., MBA; David Sacco, MBA; and Matthew Scherer, BBA, MBA – as having been particularly impactful. He credits them with helping him understand markets and with deepening his understanding of finance.

“You will be surprised how far a strong work ethic can take you.”Nyhsere Woodson ’21

“Professor Hartman’s emphasis on learning Excel has paid dividends for me,” said Woodson, who was a member of the Chargers football team. “I have used Excel every day since graduation, and her early lessons have helped me provide value quickly in the workplace.

“Professor Sacco helped me understand the importance of the markets,” he continued. “Being able to monitor and understand the underlying calculations of the par value of a bond helps me daily. Professor Scherer has also helped me understand the importance of Excel, as well as the connection between financial statements.”

Woodson encourages current students to ask questions and really listen to their professors, since there will be even more opportunities to apply what they learn at the University when they enter the workplace. He encourages students to stay curious and to get as much as they can out of their time at the University – something that, in his experience, has already paid off.

“Don’t be afraid to push yourself,” he said. “You will be surprised how far a strong work ethic can take you. My finance degree from the University continues to pay dividends, and the comprehensive coursework has allowed me to be a valuable member of any office that I step into.”

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