A Members-Only Financial Support Network

A Members-Only Financial Support Network

Questis takes the next step forward in financial wellness technology with the addition of a complimentary support network necessary for changing financial behaviors.

CHARLESTON, S.C., Oct. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, financial empowerment company, Questis, announces the launch of Communities to their financial empowerment services. Questis Communities is a members-only, peer-support network that brings together people who want to connect, engage, and transform their relationship with money while making progress toward their financial goals.

Questis Financial Empowerment (PRNewsfoto/Questis)

Questis Financial Empowerment (PRNewsfoto/Questis)

Communities is a safe space to share experiences and help others stay motivated to keep up progress toward goals.

A recent study reports that digital communities result in participants being more likely to take financial action that improves their situation, and feeling higher levels of financial confidence and self-reported well-being.

Communities is another way that Questis personalizes a user’s financial journey. Communities members can share experiences, ask questions, take polls, and attend live in-app events. The online network is moderated by Questis financial coaches who offer guidance and support.

Other highlights include:

  • Member posts and content organized by topic

  • Live events featuring Questis Coaches

  • Both live and self-paced courses

  • Desktop or mobile app accessibility

Behavioral Scientist and Head of Coaching at Questis, Martha Menard, Ph.D., comments, “Let’s be real, behavior change is hard. It takes more than reading an article or listening to a webinar. Even when people are motivated to make changes, that motivation can ebb over time. Communities is a safe space for people to share experiences and get tips and help each other stay motivated to keep up progress toward the goals that matter–kind of like having a strength-training or walking partner.”

Communities is an uncomplicated option for users who may feel hesitant about working one on one with a coach, as well as those who are looking for more social and engaging ways to interact when it comes to personal finance.

For more information about Communities, visit: questis.co/how-questis-works/

About Questis

Questis’ mission is to replace feel-good financial wellness programs with proven solutions based on solid behavioral science, real-person coaching, personalized and predictive planning, and cutting-edge technology. Their proprietary platform and relationship-driven approach are purpose-built to make financial empowerment affordable and effective at workforce scale.

Visit questis.co to learn more.



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