While banking and credit card companies struggle with crypto, Giftcoin already has a solution

While banking and credit card companies struggle with crypto, Giftcoin already has a solution

Giftcoin is a better and safer alternative to traditional crypto exchanges like Coinbase because it’s not an investment platform. You’ll never “lose your wallet or key code” with Giftcoin. Your cards are always available and can be used anytime. Traditional gift cards trap consumers in a single brand but Giftcoin cards can be swapped for a new brand or crypto, split, and merged to create new cards for different stores. The possibilities are endless.

While traditional banking and credit card companies are scrambling to offer crypto to their customers, Giftcoin already provides an elegant solution for purchasing crypto and using it in the real world. “We wanted to give people a fun and easy way to get started with crypto and a way to use it in their everyday lives.” Said Cofounder/CEO Justin Lockwood

Available in the Apple App Store now, Giftcoin features hundreds of retailers from Starbucks to Doordash to Louis Vuitton. Users simply select their favorite shop, choose between cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, and purchase with a credit card or Apple Pay. No need to already own crypto or connect a bank account. In just a few taps, you can create a card for yourself, send a card to anyone in your contacts, and even add a personalized note on the digital card.

About Giftcoin

Giftcoin is building the future of crypto-backed retail with the world’s first crypto-linked gift cards, offering consumers a novel, fun, and easy way to explore crypto through everyday gift-giving and shopping. The company was founded by CEO Justin Lockwood and CTO Bill Rose, and is backed by investors Keith Teare, Steve Wadsworth, and Craig Forman. It is based in Sacramento, California. Learn more at www.giftcoincards.com

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