Supontis vs Dogecoin, Which Cryptocurrency Has Greater Longevity In The Market?

Supontis vs Dogecoin, Which Cryptocurrency Has Greater Longevity In The Market?

Supontis (PON) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are two very different coins. 

One is a technical cryptocurrency created to improve the cross-chain transfer of various digital currencies like Ethereum, Binance, and Tron. The other is a meme coin that prides itself on seamless peer-to-peer transactions and a lively community.

Nonetheless, both have one thing in common. They are part of a growing change in the crypto economy that is not entirely focused on financial gain.

Because traditionally, investors immersed themselves in the crypto universe for the sole purpose of making a healthy return in the future.

And if you look at the trajectory of Bitcoin (BTC), the masses had a point. Less than one year ago, Bitcoin peaked at $67,549.74. This means that savvy investors who exchanged Bitcoin for fiat during this time walked away with a huge profit.

Indeed, the goal of making money from crypto is unlikely to cease. But it’s fair to say that not all crypto geeks are actively looking to withdraw their finances. In actuality, some people want a bit of crypto to remain in their wallet for trading or communal purposes.

The interesting predicament now is, which type of modern crypto will trend in the market for the longest time? Will investors continue to gravitate towards meme currencies or will more technical coins be better off in the long run?

Don’t Doubt The DOGE

Dogecoin is statistically the most popular meme coin of all time. At the time of writing, it is ranked number 10 on coinmarket and possesses a market cap of $7,915,648,509.

It’s funny how Dogecoin started as just a meme. No one in the crypto world expected it to become so lucrative until an extremely rich and famous dude known as Elon Musk, decided to tweet about the coin in April 2019 and the rest is history.

Dogecoin undoubtedly gained a massive boost from the multi-billionaire. Nevertheless, the coin deserves credit for offering its users enough value from super fast and cheap transactions to keep them invested.

Experience Transferable-Bliss With Supontis

In contrast to Dogecoin, Supontis was not invented as a meme. 

The cryptocurrency consists of a bridge platform that is built on the BNB Smart Chain and facilitates the cross-chain transfer of different assets. This is ideal for crypto nerds who like to seamlessly move their coins from one market to another.

But this is just the tip of the Supontis tsunami. Supontis also provides its users with a high level of security, extremely fast transactions, and low transaction costs.

Supontis’ quick transaction speeds are particularly notable as this allows it to compete with the likes of Dogecoin and Solana.

Final Thoughts

Supontis and Dogecoin both represent coins that deviate away from cryptocurrency’s original concept. 

You only need to look at Dogecoin’s market cap to see that it has no shortage of investors. However, the currency is experiencing a downward trend which could imply that individuals are moving away from meme coins.

Meanwhile, Supontis is still very new on the crypto scene and may have better potential. After all, with crypto on the rise, the need for easy and smooth exchange between different currencies is becoming more crucial.

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