CYF develops a community-driven token for African crypto

CYF develops a community-driven token for African crypto

MIAMI FLORIDA, Oct. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CYF has established a Community Yield Farming that serves as the World’s BEST Community Cantered & Powered Utility Token. In the recent expansion, the digital platform launched a BEP20 token with a unique algorithm designed to provide value to its community while fostering Crypto Adoption through a Vibrant ECOSYSTEM.

CYF Started as an experimental community yield farming and quickly grew to a fully supportive community of crypto-currency enthusiasts. Their mission is to foster Crypto-Currency adoption across borders by addressing some significant factors that affect global cryptocurrency adoption.

A deflationary token launched on Binance Smart Chain with a unique smart MINTING feature and a LIMITED supply of 100T CYF. It provides the following exclusive crypto features:

  • RUG-PULL PROOF: CYF is 100% Rug-Pull free; token sales are managed by our sophisticated contract, which automatically locks the liquidity, assigning only 7.5% to project development and expansion.
  • COMMUNITY REWARD: Backed by the community, CYF rewards its community through a unique smart minting that redistributes up to 35% of token sales back to the community.
  • SELF-PROVIDING LIQUIDITY: CYF utilizes a unique approach to create and grow liquidity through the community reward program. The smart minting [CYF farm] is the SELF-PROVIDING LIQUIDITY of this project.

In addition, the platform is developed for the noble cause of African Freedom. It focuses on the development of Africa in terms of technology and digital space. CYF wants to enhance the opportunities in the continent for the people of Africa. To achieve these targets, CYF facilitates its users through additional services such as:

  1. Reliable, Tamper-Proof Network

Blockchain Technology secures the algorithm; therefore, nobody, even the developer, can interfere with, cancel, or alter your transactions.

  1. Token Sales by Smart Contract

The smart contract code is open source, and anyone anytime can observe the entire transaction history. It ensures fair and reliable accountability conditions.

  1. An Intuitive Approach To Promote Adoption

Everyone venturing into the Crypto-Currency has one thing in mind `What’s in it for me? `. That’s precisely what CYF answers to while ensuring long-term sustainability.


Reliable 3rd parties auditing firms have fully audited CYF token contract and the Smart-Mint contract.

About the Company – CYF: Community Yield Farming

CYF, abbreviated as Community Yield Farming, is the world’s first platform to reward holders directly from ICO while sustaining its liquidity while at the same time preventing any possible rug-pull. It is developed by the co-founders Bright Hoza and Kalvin Hoka. The token mainly represents the African community. It never had any financial system that could make them achieve its goal of reaching 5 billion dollars to help all 54 countries of Africa financially to become a free continent.

Due to CYF’s token’s stunning performance and rapid expansion, major global investors have started investing in the project, such as wolf of Congo took notice of the early beta version of the CYF Token and invested immediately. In addition, CYF also is planning to add more bitcoin atm (CYF ATMs) all over Africa.

Potential holders and determined crypto enthusiasts must visit the following links for further information:


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