July 24, 2024

Cryptocurrency To Buy At $8 And Sell At $1000 USD In January 2024 With A Projected ROI of Over 1000%

NewGold coin is a new goldmine for investors to explore. There is a projection of 1000% Return on Investment (ROI) by January 2024 for early investors who buy at this phase that is very cheap. The starting price of 1 NewGold at launch on 25th January 2024 will be $1000 USD (N1,200,00 ) and within the next 3 years the projected price of 1 NewGold will be around $100,000 USD (N120,000,000). NewGold Team have the roadmap and strategy to achieve that.

What makes this cryptocurrency different from all others is that only 10,000 coins were created to be in existence, unlike other coins founders who created theirs in millions, billions and trillions. NewGold Team is creating a system to make it very scarce, valuable and to automatically become very expensive. Gold and Diamond are expensive because they are limited in supply. NewGold Team are using the strategy of RARITY.

The private sale will end on 4th January 2024. You can buy it buy cheap now, 1 NewGold tokens at an initial price of $8 USD (N9,600). Public sale will start tomorrow 5th January 2024 and the price of 1 NewGold will be $48 USD (N57,600). After the presale, the coin will be listed and launched on 25th January 2025 and the price of 1 NewGold is projected to start at $1000 USD (N1,200,000). NewGold will be listed at Vindax Exchange and at the Coin Market Cap by January 2025.

There are 2000 NewG (20%) of the total coin supply available for this private sale at 1 NewGold for $8, and you can buy few, 1%, 5% or 10% of the total coins in existence. There will be 50% discount for anyone who will buy the whole 10% (1000 newg) at once. Instead of paying $8,000 USD, the investor will pay only $4000 USD. This offer will end on 4th January 2024. You can have it. Having a whole 1000 NewG is a potential door to great wealth.

More so, 40% of the NewGold coins will be locked for three years, this will further increase scarcity, reduce dumping and  reduce the risk of crashing. Only 60% of NewG will be in circulation. With an aggressive marketing approach and a projection of 1,000,000 users by launch, is expected to drive demand sky-high.

Today, 1 Bitcoin is about $42,000 USD (N50,400,000). If you missed out on the early days of Bitcoin when it was sold for $1 USD (N1,200), this token presents a second chance at early investment success. NewGold has a vision  to become the most expensive cryptocurrency globally.

Please contact NewGold Team to buy on time because NewG tokens are limited in supply and they will be very scarce soon. This cheap offer will close on 4th January 2024. The team are available to answer your questions and guide you.

WEBSITE: https://NewGold.App

EMAIL:  support@NewGold.App

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/royaldaniel

CALL/WHATSAPP: +2348162485734

WHATSAPP LINK: https://wa.me/message/IZMRJ5WAYOZIE1


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