6 Next Cryptocurrency to Watch Out For in 2023

6 Next Cryptocurrency to Watch Out For in 2023

6 Next Cryptocurrencies to Explode in 2023

Hunting down cryptocurrencies on the brink of a bull run is no easy job. With a myriad of tokens in the market with varying use cases and value propositions, it can get exhausting. We’re here to give you a hand. Listed below are seven cryptocurrencies that could explode in 2023, if they keep in line with their ambitious roadmaps.

FightOut – Top Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2023

Dash 2 Trade – New Cryptocurrency Built by Traders for Traders

C+Charge – Trending Green Token Dedicated to Simplifying the EV Market

Calvaria – Battle Card NFT Game Set in the Afterlife

IMPT – Green Crypto for the Carbon Credit Market

Polygon – Evergreen Blockchain Coin Gearing up for a Bull Run

6 Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2023 – A Closer Look

Here is a detailed analysis of the projects listed above and why we think they can reward investors generously in 2023.

FightOut – Top Next Cryptocurrency to Explode in 2023

Fitness is one of the fastest-growing global sectors. Blockchain projects are also stepping into the market with some unique propositions. A recent project to capture widespread attention is FightOut, a Web3 fitness application built around the much-hyped move-to-earn model.

The project has earned a large community of followers on Twitter and Telegram within weeks of launch, piquing our interest. The growing traffic to the FightOut presale is also interesting, given the general market downturns. It is likely to end ahead of schedule at this pace. So, we dove deep into the project to understand what sets it apart from the broader crypto market. We’re pleasantly surprised that the project does justice to the speculation.

This is what we found out

FightOut is building a large Web ecosystem around fitness, using blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. Rather than just passively keeping track of workout goals and performance, the project improves the engagement and retention rate through financial incentivization and gamification.

For example, the platform rewards you for your workouts in cryptocurrencies, thus boosting your morale. It helps you stick to your goals and do better. But platforms like STEPN have proved that financial incentivization alone can’t lure in users for long. It will lose appeal if the participant has better things going on, especially in terms of rewards.

This is where gamification comes into play

FightOut hosts daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that open new streams of income for FightOut members, in addition to what they can earn from completing their IRL (in-real-life) and metaverse goals. You can exchange the tokens to buy FightOut gym passes, merch, and private sessions to name a few.

A brief look into the FightOut ecosystem

FightOut is marked off by the unprecedented flexibility it offers to users. Whether you are working out in the gym with high-end equipment or moving around at home, FightOut lets you finish your workouts without fretting about the weather and traffic. The team has made sure to build a turnkey solution that caters to individual needs, goals, and abilities.

When you create an account on the FightOut application, you get a ‘Soulbound NFT Avatar’. As the name implies, you can’t sell or transfer your FightOut Avatar NFTs. They have far greater purposes. To begin with, they help you stay on top of your workouts, absorb the metrics, and convert them into stat points. Like all metaverse avatars, they represent your unique identity in FightOut. You can use the avatar to socialize with other members of the FightOut community, as well as fight it out with them during the move-to-earn challenges.

The dual tokenomics of FightOut

FightOut has two currencies that underpin its ecosystem – REPS and $FGHT.

  • The first is REPS, which is employed to make in-app purchases. There are two ways to get hold of them – using fiat currency or $FGHT tokens. Given that the REPS tokens you buy using $FGHT will get a 25% bonus, crypto purchases have better appeal.
  • The second is $FGHT, the default currency of the FightOut metaverse. It is used to make payments in leagues, tournaments, and special game modes. Every purchase you do in the metaverse can be paid using $FGHT tokens.

Level up your health, earn rewards, and compete in the metaverse

This is how FightOut invites you into its move-to-earn ecosystem. It is undeniable that move-to-earn has huge relevance in the fitness industry, despite the bumpy journey it has been through. With a good mix of monetary incentivization and gamification, FightOut can put forward a strong business model and yield impressive returns for early investors. In fact, the project’s goal is to bring more ease and efficiency to fitness using the latest technologies.

FightOut presale is open with a time-limited bonus

As mentioned above, FightOut is hosting a colorful presale of its metaverse token now. Interestingly, it comes with a time-limited bonus in the early stages. If you’re looking for the most profitable entry to the project, this is the best opportunity, since FGHT could go on multiple bull runs in 2023 as it hits new milestones. The presale supports payments in ETH, USDT, and credit cards (via Transak).

Buy FightOut

Dash 2 Trade – New Cryptocurrency Built by Traders for Traders

Dash 2 Trade

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Dash 2 Trade

Next on our list is Dash 2 Trade, the most popular cryptocurrency of 2022. The project is hosting the last stage of its presale at the time of writing, which is witnessing unprecedented support from across crypto communities.

Let’s take a look at the underlying platform and verify if it lives up to the hype.

Dash 2 Trade is a crypto analytics and social trading platform designed for traders by traders. The project is powered by the D2T token, which will be used to serve a wide range of utilities in the ecosystem. The most significant of these would be the payment of the tiered subscription.

Dash 2 Trade trading dashboard gives you in-depth market insights and empowers you to create market-relevant strategies. You can use it to access signals, metrics, and social trading tools, thus opening up the market to a wide range of users who have long been facing technical barriers to the market.

Using the actionable insights featured on Dash 2 Trade, you can identify and analyze underlying factors that hold sway on the price of cryptocurrencies. In other words, the crypto space is made up of thousands of tokens. With dozens of tokens hurled into the market every week, it is difficult for a trader to make intelligent investment and trading decisions. Tracking and analyzing all these assets take time, skills, and tools. The high volatility of the market also proves to be a hurdle.

The crypto signal, bot, and analytics platform simplifies the job. The dashboard helps you build and hone your portfolio with the help of an array of data points that make a difference.

  • Dash 2 Trade makes it easier to find coins ready for a bull run using advanced social indicators.
  • The Strategy Builder and Back-Tester on the platform reflects live market conditions and helps you test the profitability of a new strategy.
  • Custom-made scoring system for presales and ICOs
  • Independent technical indicators
  • Auto trading API
  • Risk profiler
  • Presale listing alerts
  • On-chain analytics
  • Social trading

It’s hard to find cryptocurrencies with long-term relevance. That’s what sets apart Dash 2 Trade in the crowded market. It is underscored by its advanced features that help users make the most of the crypto market without getting lost in useless data. Judging by the whitepaper, Dash 2 Trade will implement that vision.

How to buy Dash 2 Trade

Dash 2 Trade will make its debut CEX listing on Wednesday, 11th Jan 2023. It will be soon followed by listings on Uniswap, Bitmart, LBANK, and Changelly, to name a few. If rumors are to be believed, a Binance listing is also on the cards. The project is wrapping up its much-talked-about presale at the time of writing, with the last of the tokens up for grabs at a discounted price. If the project manages to cross its ambitious milestones as laid out in the roadmap, the token could be heading for multiple bull runs in 2023.

Buy Dash 2 Trade

C+Charge – Trending Green Token Dedicated to Simplifying the EV Market


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Green cryptocurrencies are all the rage now. They have changed the way we have understood cryptocurrencies. Especially among people who have long been suspicious of cryptocurrencies and their relevance. The latest green cryptocurrency to seize the attention of the market is C+Charge. The token is underpinned by a robust Peer-to-Peer (P2P) payment and charging ecosystem for EV charging stations.

We know it’s not easy to decipher. So here is a closer look into the ecosystem.

What is C+Charge and what is its market relevance?

A trend of blockchain applications designed to regenerate and rejuvenate our earth and atmosphere is emerging. The latest to grab widespread attention, from both the crypto and non-crypto sides of the world, is C+charge, At the heart of it, the application simplifies and decentralizes the EV market using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

How does it do that?

Owning an electric vehicle is cool. They are also touted to be the future of the automobile industry, factoring in the rising global warming and climate crisis. Many automobile companies are coming forward with new EV vehicles, keeping in line with the shifting consumer trends.

There’s a catch, however. Using an electric vehicle is not as cool as owning one. Don’t get us wrong. The vehicles are well-built for the job. But the present electric charging station infrastructure and economy are not. It is not equipped to cater to the fast-growing number of EVs and the rising demand in the industry.

What’s hindering the growth of the EV market?

Despite the massive potential, the EV market is held back by these challenges that are in dire need of looking into. The first of these is the non-uniform payment gateways and charging standards, which hinder the large-scale adoption of EVs. Another issue is the lack of incentivization.

Yes, it’s true that charging station owners and EV car manufacturers still earn carbon credits. But EV drivers and owners don’t. It’s sad that end users are not motivated to sustain the industry. C+Charge aims to address these challenges and drive the market in a decentralized, inclusive course. It distributes individual electronic wallets to users, which can be used to pay for EV charging. The payment system in the ecosystem is underpinned by the C+Charge utility token $CCHG.

  • C+Charge’s pioneering Web3 network and use cases bring more transparency and efficiency to the EV market. The key benefits of the ecosystem will reflect in the pricing structure.
  • C+Charge’s EV charging solution offers an excellent opportunity for EV drivers to earn carbon credits. If you use the C+Charge network for your transactions, carbon credits are credited to your account. While C+Charge doesn’t distribute carbon credits directly, it has secured a partnership with Flowcarbon, which allows drives to earn verified, voluntary carbon credits called $GNT tokens.
  • Interestingly, the C+Charge network and app will be OCPP 2.0 compatible. Didn’t get what that means? Well, the network is linked with the universal standard for charging stations, which allows it to be integrated into over 1.8M charging stations across the globe.
  • Another feature worth noting is the “reflection” program. As a token holder, it comes with attractive benefits for you. The project sets aside 1% of the transactions to purchase carbon credits and distribute them back to token holders.

C+Charge is now running the first phase of the CCHG presale now. It’s best to buy the tokens early, as the price is scheduled to increase gradually. If the project unfolds as planned, CCHG can book up to 18X returns on launch. C+Charge’s top-tier partnerships add to its appeal. For example, C+Charge has collaborated with many established companies in the EV space like Phihong (to supply charging equipment) and AmpUp (to provide technical support for its stations). More companies in the EV market will join the network soon.

Buy C+Charge

Calvaria – Battle Card NFT Game Set in the Afterlife

Calvaria is a play-to-earn NFT battle card project that is all the rage in the gaming community now. Of course, play-to-earn cryptocurrencies are one of the most profitable digital investments, given that blockchain games account for almost half of all blockchain use. Gaming is one of the evergreen crypto sectors. But that doesn’t explain why Calvaria, out of the hundreds of play-to-earn games, made our list.

The first factor that worked in favor of Calvaria is its gripping play-to-earn narrative that doesn’t compromise on the storyline or theme or quality. If the whitepaper is any sign, it is not a makeshift project to trap investors, unlike the many in the market. The game has what it takes to hook players, instilling confidence in the underlying currency that can thrive without any external influence and shilling. To put it in a few words, the game allows you to duel, earn and upgrade your cards to become the ultimate force on the battlefield. Calvaria is designed around the afterlife, thus opening a novel gaming narrative.

Calvaria also has a significant edge in the crowded gaming market owing to its lower entry requirements. That essentially means that you need not hold in-game crypto or NFT assets to enter the game. It comes in both free-to-play and play-to-earn versions.

The Calvaria ($RIA) presale is nearing its end. So, if you’re planning to invest in the token, it’s better to hurry. Crypto financial analysts predict anywhere from 30X-50X rise for $RIA on the upcoming public launch.

Buy Calvaria

IMPT – Green Crypto for the Carbon Credit Market

IMPT needs no introduction. The project hosted a meteoric presale in late 2022, raising close to $20M in just a few weeks. The massive success of the presale came as a pleasant shock to the crypto community, which was under the grip of multiple crypto downturns and slowdowns.

What’s the big deal about IMPT?

IMPT is a green crypto that aims to decentralize the carbon credit market using tokenized carbon credits. It goes a long way in mitigating the risks of double spending and fraud prevalent in the carbon market. Moreover, it opens up the carbon market to both mandatory and voluntary users through a streamlined system.

A quick look at the IMPT ecosystem

The first pillar of the IMPT ecosystem is the IMPT marketplace, a platform where you can buy, sell, and retire carbon credits turned into NFTs. The next is the IMPT shopping application, where you can earn rewards by making purchases from environmentally responsible brands like Nike, Amazon, Dyson, Puma, The North Face, Netflix, Samsung, and River Island. And the third is the IMPT social platform, a gamified social media platform that brings more enthusiasm and engagement to carbon offsetting.

You can now buy IMPT on leading crypto exchanges like Changelly, Uniswap, and LBANK. The token is likely to secure a Binance listing soon, given its high market relevance and fast-growing community. But there are more factors that could trigger a bull run for IMPT in 2023, including the launch of the much-awaited products.

Visit IMPT

Polygon – Evergreen Blockchain Coin Gearing up for a Bull Run

Polygon is a well-established crypto. Does it still have what it takes to give large returns to users? We certainly think so. Although MATIC is one of the few cryptocurrencies that have shown incredible endurance during the long-drawn-out crypto winter of 2022, the coin has undergone multiple slips. As a result, it is undervalued now.

Ethereum’s move to proof-of-stake hasn’t affected the growth of the blockchain network, with many projects awaiting launch in the first quarter of 2023. As the crypto market gets back on its feet, Polygon could reward investors who bought the dips generously.

Conclusion: Which is the Next Cryptocurrency Ready to Explode?

We have hand-picked the most relevant crypto projects that are set apart by their rich utilities. They have large growth potential in 2023 and beyond. While utility tokens like Dash 2 Trade and FightOut feature unique use cases in trading and fitness, Calvaria brings more users to the play-to-earn arena with lower barriers. IMPT and C+Charge, on the other hand, revive the green crypto market. Since most of these projects are in their presale phases, the potential ROI is also higher than established cryptocurrencies.

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