July 22, 2024

TikTok Enhances Insights in “Mega” Update With Search Analytics and Keyword Ranking Data

In what has been called a “mega-update”, TikTok has renovated its insights feature, providing users with detailed search analytics and keyword ranking data. 

This significant update allows content creators to gain valuable insights into the performance of their content in search, including impressions, clicks, and average position. This suggests how TikTok is now positioning itself as more than just a platform for viral content; it’s becoming a serious player in the world of search marketing.

This is just the latest feature that further signifies TikTok’s goal to become the go-to search engine. We’ve already seen how the social media platform is far ahead in the race to beat Google when it comes to younger audiences, as it wasn’t long ago when it became the leading search platform for Gen Z, with nearly 40% of the Gen Z demographic sharing that they prefer searching for information on TikTok and Instagram over Google.

TikTok took another win in the search game when it later introduced ‘Featured Snippets’, a way to provide users with a quick short-form written answer when searching for results on TikTok. However, there was a glimpse of peace in search land when reports suggested a potential TikTok and Google partnership last year, suggesting an integration to boost discovery.

Golden insights

Abbie Smyth, Social Media Lead at Rise at Seven, took to LinkedIn to share the news of TikTok’s latest search update, receiving excitement from the community. She posted a screenshot (below) of the updated analytics page, expressing her enthusiasm for the valuable insights now available for search and keywords.

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