The first white paper on the adult industry in Asia has been released by SWAG, revealing the keywords and most popular content creators of 2022

The first white paper on the adult industry in Asia has been released by SWAG, revealing the keywords and most popular content creators of 2022

TAIPEI, March 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Based in Taiwan, Swag is the largest adult live broadcast platform in Asia. Today, Swag announced the SWAG INSIGHTS REPORT of 2022, which is also the first white paper on Asia’s adult content industry. The report collected various statistics, including the most popular hashtag hits, the most popular creators, popular pages, content fast-forwarded by the audiences, and the users’ online duration. SWAG has earned significant traffic in 2022, and the total view count for live broadcasts last year is more than 700 million. Another interesting finding is that 5.78 billion seconds of adult video content have been fast-forwarded, which is equivalent to 183 years saved by our global audiences on the fast lane to ecstasy.

The SWAG INSIGHTS REPORT is the first annual data review published by SWAG, aimed at revealing the rapid growth of Taiwan’s adult industry with the world. In 2022, @ladyyuan won the top spot as the most popular creator of the year, and her supporters accounted for 35% of the total audience, indicating that at least 1 out of every 3 Swag users is a fan of @ladyyuan. Also, among the top 10 creators of the year, there are many new faces, including @lolabb, who made a smashing hit at her debut. With only a few months of experience, she took the place of the 5th most popular creator of the year.

Live content viewers exceeded 100 million! Nearly 6 billion seconds were fast-forwarded in total

SWAG is well-known for its adult entertainment content variety, and the most common final screen in 2022 was the “Adult Live Streaming” page, with 766 million views and an average of 2 million visits per day from our global audiences. With the time-exclusive nature of the content, the stories page became the second most popular page with about 152 million views.

Interestingly, for full-length adult videos, 91.81% of users use the fast-forward function. Users in Thailand had the highest fast-forward rate of 93.25%, while users in Vietnam had the lowest rate of using the fast-forward function, with only 84.98%. In 2022, a total of 5.78 billion seconds of the SWAG long video content was forwarded, saving approximately 183 years in total.

SWAG also presented accurate statistical charts of the period with the most online users. Last year, the period with the most online was Sunday from 0:00 am to 1:00 am, while Tuesday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm was the least active time slot. Comparing the average online duration, it was found that users in Singapore took the top spot with an average of 6.66 minutes, while those in China and Vietnam ranked last with the lowest online time of 5.35 minutes.

Dramatic traffic growth – SWAG takes the lead in revealing the secrets of Taiwan’s adult industry

According to the 2022 SWAG INSIGHTS REPORT, all types of creators have significantly increased, and the quality of content has greatly improved on the platform, leading to a 174.7% growth in live broadcast room viewers. SWAG supported thousands of performers to earn additional income, and more than 300 performers earned more than 3,000 US dollars each month.

In addition to taking care of the creators, SWAG never hesitates to offer a wide range of audience bonuses. Through login rewards, activity gifts, and promo codes, a total of 1.3 billion free Diamonds were given out to users in 2022, which is equivalent to 5.56 million stories, 740,000 long videos, or with the pre-order price, 1.11 million sessions of limited-time show.

The vision of the SWAG is to provide a platform that offers legal and high-quality adult entertainment services to the audience and allow adult content creators to profit from their inspiring creation. Through revealing the annual data reports, SWAG also hopes to demonstrate the power and potential of Taiwan’s adult industries to the world.

For the full《2022 SWAG INSIGHTS REPORT》, please visit the website.

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